Here’s Why A Survival Horror Fallout Game Would Make Perfect Sense

A horror game set in a post-nuclear wasteland? Yes, please.

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carcarias169d ago

I think that's kinda what the Stalker series was aiming for and I loved those games. So yeah, I think a similar style of game could walk in the world of Fallout too, with perhaps even a stronger emphasise on survival horror.

TheRealTedCruz169d ago

Whenever I tried explaining STALKER to my console friends, I always said think Fallout, grittier, much harsher survival elements, and remove the humor.
Then Metro came out and I was like "It's basically this, but open world and open ended".
Then Metro: Exodus came out and I was like "Ok. This is more or less it but .... not really".

Long story short, play freaking STALKER already.

carcarias167d ago

Yep, great games :) Good on you for trying to get folks to play them.

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Profchaos169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

I always felt what made fallout special was it's light-hearted nature like it took itself seriously enough but could have a joke at the same time.

I just don't see survival horror being able to work with the franchise it would be to over the top serious basically metro or stalker which I brought but never finished as the serious time all the time was a little but of a downer.

They tried more horror elements in far harbour monsters jumping out if the fog etc but it didn't work because you could just use you're million stimpacks and Nuka launcher from the main game to breeze through it.