Xbox Series X: Microsoft is finally delivering a console for hardcore gamers

App Trigger: "No more 'all-in-one entertainment system'. With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is finally going all-in on appealing to hardcore gamers."

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Jin_Sakai41d ago

Can’t wait for next gen consoles. A true generational leap in performance.

CaptainHenry91640d ago

$599 is about RG right for hardcore gamers

40d ago
CaptainHenry91640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I think the casuals are in denial with the price. This console has to be $599 for Microsoft to make profit unless Microsoft wants to take a big loss and price it at $499. Since this is a console for hardcore gamers it should be price at $599 or higher especially since it's as powerful as a RTX 2080 super or maybe more powerful and has a SSD in it not to mention more teraflops with ray tracing technology 😁

bouzebbal40d ago

Only games dictate whether it's for hardcore gamers or not.. To me as it is the console is too classic, and xbox is playing it way too safe with no futureproof tech.. In 2 years the tech will be common, and nothing would make it stand out.

ThinkThink40d ago

I'm still holding out hope for Series X at $499 but the more we learn about it, the more it's starting to look like a $599 box. That has to be why Lockheart was created. A box for the casual audience.

CaptainHenry91640d ago (Edited 40d ago )


Finally someone that understands and gets it. Lockheart is for the casual

GamerRN40d ago

If this console is $599, then Sony would be $699 if the rumored 13.2 tflops are true. Which in turn is proof that it isn't true.

I predict $499 with a loss. 9tflop PS5 also at $499. MS announced 8tflop 1080p machine for $349

Profchaos40d ago

$1000 would be ok for hardcore to be honest

skiggy3440d ago

I dont know. I say $499. MS learned from last time. Remember all the people saying the Xbox One X was going to be $700 and it was $499? Same thing is going to happen here. MS can afford to take a loss on hardware, thats why they are hyping gamepass up so much. Gamepass, Xbox live and Project Xcloud across a bunch of devices will make their money....

bigc07200440d ago

Cpt Henry....

Dude, if it was as powerful as a 2080 super...prepare to pay $1000 for it. I know consoles like to use AMD, but if its that good, there is no way they would let it go for $600 lol.

RangerWalk26740d ago

So what is a $1200 phone for? Hardcore talkers?

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ps3rider40d ago

a power console without exclusive game in the first two years.


arminukxbox40d ago

Since when Being consumer friendly Is a bad thing ?

traumadisaster40d ago

So you don’t like multiplats played at the highest frame rate and resolution? I don’t remember many ps4 exclusives I had to have in the first year.

I’ve always had ps3 for the exclusives and played multiplats on 360 where it was usually better.

40d ago
AsunaYuukiTheFlash40d ago

@traumadisaster I have a gaming PC for that. Buying a Xbox S X will prevent me from playing some of the best AAA Blockbuster exclusive gaming has to offer.

40d ago
SPEAKxTHExTRUTH40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You Sony fanboys always yell about exclusives but when you look at NPD you don’t see many if ANY Sony exclusives in the top 20. Everyone knows (that’s not a delusional fanboy) it’s 3rd party games (unless you’re Nintendo) that sells the most.

frostypants40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@SPEAKxTHExTRUTH, 5 of the top 20 best selling games on PS4 are first party. The hell are you talking about? I know you're not talking about top selling games across all platforms, because obviously those would be multi-plat games and that would be an irrelevant point to make. And let's not ignore the fact that popularity is not the same as quality. Otherwise you're arguing that GTA V and CoD Modern Global Infinite Ops 424522 Whatever are the best games out there. If you want to be limited to that trash, so be it, but I don't believe you.

King_Noctis40d ago

If you want to play Xbox console exclusive with much better graphic and 4K support, you’ll still gonna need Xbox SX (or $1000+ PC).

RangerWalk26740d ago

Oh how wrong you are. Power is used for much much more. Having this much power in a plug and play console hooked up to my 75" 4k tv for $599 is a no brainier.

CaptainHenry91639d ago

I think that's a bad idea on Microsoft part. They're giving the momentum to Sony

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Echo_41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They actually are. I like the way they are handling Series X thus far. No complaints from me thus far.

I'm excited about the new standards in which a console gamer like me can now play at. I don't have to depend solely on my PC. The bar has been raised most especially for console standards.

I already have a new 4K TV purchase in mind in anticipation of next-gen landing. I want a sick set up.

Obscure_Observer41d ago


"I'm excited about the new standards in which a console gamer like me can now play at. I don't have to depend solely on my PC. The bar has been raised most especially for console standards."

Exactly. Xbox raised the bar setting a new standard for console gaming. High End.

Hardcore console gamers like myself couldn´t be more hyped/excited about next gen. :)

40d ago

You should look at the LG C9 or the CX.

Echo_40d ago

Thanks, I'll investigate it.

traumadisaster40d ago

I tried some last gen games on c9 and it’s a nice lil bump in some old familiar games where you notice little improvements. Good stuff

OpenGL40d ago

Yeah, I have an E9 and the Xbox One X already looks great on it so the Series X and PS5 should be even better.

medman40d ago

I'll be picking up a CX in early summer, provided their manufacturing/production isn't delayed by coronavirus . I've been waiting a few years to get to the point where upgrading made sense for me personally, and with hdmi 2.1, ATSC 3.0 tuners, and freesync, vrr, and eARC all to be implemented fully into the 2020 LG lineup, I'm ready to pull the trigger.

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Father__Merrin40d ago

next gen a lot of pc only gamers will be now taking a look. ive just seen a video on youtube he tried to put together an xbox xs equivilant and even with using the cheapest possible parts it was still at 1000 not including the case

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RazzerRedux41d ago

That's great, but I'm ready to see the games. I want to see whatever it is the Initiative and Playground Games are making most of all.

ThinkThink40d ago

Can you imagine the head scratching if Playground Games announces their new game and it ISN'T Fable?

40d ago
sprinterboy40d ago

I know, only 7 years too late haha

Shiken40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

What are you talking about? The X1 was always for Hardcore gamers. The PS4 just did it better.

Dragonscale40d ago

@shik, the scorpio only appealed to the hardcore xbox fanboys tbh.

Shiken40d ago


Which is why I said PS4 did it better.

Man that one went over a lot of people's heads...

TheHateTheyGive40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Boy oh boy, rinse and repeat ad nauseum. After this we will get phil talking about alot of things, but really saying much. Then articles like this, but never any games these 15 studios are hard at work on. I thought that was the purpose of the mighty xbox one X.

shaggy230340d ago

That's what E3 is for.

You expect Phil too shoot his entire load now and show nothing new at E3?

If he did you'd still complain come E3 saying "we've seen nothing new, where are the new games"

Z50140d ago

If E3 is strictly for games. (obviously implied) Why was the Scorpio revealed at E3 and not some random time of year? A next gen console can be revealed anytime. But games HAVE to be E3???

shaggy230340d ago


I never said E3 was strictly for games, all I said was why show of games now when they can wait until E3 to show everything off.

Plus, haven't they already shown at least two games off? Halo Infinite and Hellblade 2.

40d ago
EasilyTheBest40d ago

Why would Microsoft tell us about the games right now? They are getting amazing positives since the new year especially after Monday's announcements.
15 new studios, don't you think there's probably a load of games to show?
Don't you think they'll release more about specs then bang out all the games at E3

Sayai jin40d ago

This site has remained the same since it started. It's no ise debating with some folks.

Unspoken40d ago

Cool story but people who didn't plan on buying probably won't buy either way.

King_Noctis40d ago

“ Then articles like this, but never any games these 15 studios are hard at work on. ”

Ninja Theory - Project Mira/Hellblade 2
Obsidian - Grounded/Unannounced RPG
The Initiative - Unannounced game
343 Industries - Halo Infinite
Double Fine - Psychonauts 2
Playground- Rumored Fable/FH 5
Rare - Everwild
InXile - Wasteland 3
Mojang - Minecraft Dungeon
The Coalition - Unannounced game
Compulsion - Unannounced game
Turn 10 - New Forza
Undead Lab - State of Decay 3
World's Edge - Age of Empire 3

Plus, a lot of big studios on that list are working on other unannounced games as well that will surely be revealed at E3. I guess it is easier to just troll than doing actual research right?

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