Resident Evil 3 Remake is more survival horror excellence worthy of GOTY discussions - DailyStar

The Resident Evil 3 remake could once again put Capcom into the discussions about potential Game of the Year contenders.

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time2die214d ago

There is a little game called The last of us Part 2 that might just have something to say about that ?

TeamIcoFan214d ago

Two completely different tones.
Survival horror is only a small part of The Last Of Us series; it's much more than that.

TFJWM214d ago

Pretty sure he was saying that a RE3R doesn't stand a chance in goty. While they are different tones they would still both be competing in the horror game genre.

214d ago
Muzikguy214d ago

The horror game resurgence has probably been my favorite part of this generation

AK91214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I'll be honest RE2 Remake was disappointing to me once I got to playthrough B (playthrough A on the other hand was pure joy) but since I know RE3 doesn't have this issue I'm sure I'll enjoy RE3 Remake ALOT more.