Final Fantasy 7 Remake delay ‘won’t impact’ Part 2 release date

Part 2 release date plans unchanged, says Square Enix.

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NecrumOddBoy211d ago

This remake has been one of the messes. I loved FF VII a ton but after all this time, I feel Square dropped the ball on this one. I may even be more pissed if FF7 part 2 releases this year (if they made the whole game already but are holding out).

Kurisu210d ago

Dropped the, exactly? We asked for a Remake, we're getting a Remake. Now don't get me wrong, I was as bummed as the next person when the game was announced as multi-part, but from what I've seen so far it's going to be well worth it. Everything just looks better than I ever could have hoped for, and I can't freaking wait until April 10th.

specialguest210d ago

I disagree. To me the remake exceeded expectations. Let me remind you of the FF7 tech demo from 2006.
People were only expecting this up until the real remake was revealed. As for splitting the game up, I don't mind at all as long as it's lengthy with the additional stories explored as they've mentioned. There's likely a good reason for the delay. I don't want a buggy game.

Redrex7000210d ago

squireenix been dropping the ball for a while now

SurgicalMenace210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

How, when they've made efforts to deliver better experiences to the likes of Hitman, Tomb Raider, and the like. Did you forget that they purchased the licenses to the above mentioned titles so that people would not have to go without them due to Chrystal Dynamics going under? That is effort if ever I've seen it.

FF7 will deliver to the audience that its aimed at, it will not win over everyone, but it will push the envelope for the series. They may not be catering to your direct requests but they are making an effort to put something out. I'll never understand the demand to deliver what people, themselves, are not in a position to contribute to their efforts. If you're not adding to the results to deliver then you can only wait, buy it, or not. These are the only options to exercise, ultimately.

Redrex7000209d ago

I am sure it will
don't change the fact they been dragging there foot for a while now

Arikv2209d ago

It's hard to make money on story games these days, because corporations have taken over. Honestly if it costs me an extra $50 or whatever to get a good quality version of this, then yeah I'll pay.

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Knightofelemia210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Push it back a month I don't care if it means to iron out the bugs and add the final tweaks to the game I am happy. I just don't want a buggy pile of shit because its rushed out the door with out a second thought.

VTKC209d ago

like most games so when you first put the disc in- BAM! theres a XX gigs of data update to download.

Traecy210d ago

Square-Enix's middle name is delay.

Shiken210d ago

It was only delayed one month...

How much of an impact could it have possibly had on part 2 anyway?

rainslacker210d ago

Since part two doesnt have a release date, I think it cant be delayed yet.

Muzikguy210d ago

Nobody knows the release date of part 2. It could easily be delayed and we wouldn't even know.

Shiken210d ago

This is true, but not the point. My point is that a 1 month delay is only small fish in the vast ocean that is fame development. With that in mind, a potential delay could at most be another month or even likely to not happen at all.

Butters360210d ago

Part 2 is already in development so of course it would have no impact on it. Plus with Part 1 out of the way, they have all the heavy loading already figured out. The hunt for Sephiroth and exploring Gaia will be awesome next gen.

Kurisu210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

FF7R isn't getting a next-gen release, it was announced yesterday. It's going to playable via back-compat but each part of the Remake will be a current gen title. Hopefully the next gen consoles will enhance the gane but we won't be getting a next-gen exclusive from SE for quite some time.

TakashiKomuro210d ago

Hopefully it's backwards compatible with enhancements on PS5.

MeteorPanda210d ago

How much do you believe that? Ofc they'd say that to not hurt sales

jambola209d ago

Just like kingdom heart had no plan to release the collections on ps4?

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