Ori and the Will of the Wisps is "3x scope, scale and size" of Blind Forest

The sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest has everything necessary to make it three times the game its predecessor was – and that's saying a lot, because Blind Forest was already outstanding

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CaptainHenry916214d ago

Looking forward to this game. Really loved the first game

Pepin214d ago

First game is legit one of my faves this gen, and already the sequel has outpaced my expectations! Xbox on a roll

wfwyry214d ago

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cfc83214d ago

Wow. If it as good as the first game, yet is that much bigger....

HeisenbergX214d ago

I’m so mad that i can’t play this when it comes out since it’s only for Xbox and Pc 🙄

Zeref214d ago

Your PC can't handle Ori?

mark_parch214d ago

@Zeref He obviously doesn't have a pc

Zeref214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

who doesn't have a PC?

HeisenbergX214d ago

I have a PC ofc but it's not a gaming PC and i don't like playing a game with medium - low settings.

Neonridr214d ago

such is the dilemma with exclusives.

timotim214d ago

So you're saying the more people that can play a game on the platform/s they already own, the better???

giovonni214d ago

And I’m getting it. The first one was brilliant.

AK91214d ago

Bigger doesn’t always mean better but I havefaith in this developer, the first Ori was great.

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