NXE Avatars URL'd for your Pleasure... or Not

Two more days and the World will be littered with the NXE avatars. Love em or hate em, hardcore or not, every Xbox 360 owner will have an avatar to either resemble themselves or possibly someone or something, so you might as well make the most of it.

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Imallvol73625d ago

ugh . . . I hate my avatar. They look like barbie dolls. Even the guys look and act very feminine. Completely misses the 360's market.

JOLLY13625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

If you didn't put long blonde hair on your avatar it wouldn't look so much like a barbie. Also, get rid of the pig-tails.

ChrisGTR13625d ago

ok maybe it is bad.

damn them! they took of the coutry themed shirts.

PirateThom3624d ago

Why do they stand like that?

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tatotiburon3625d ago

where did you create your avatars?

socomnick3625d ago

we have nxe already thats why we are able to post our avatar. In 2 days when u get nxe you will be prompted to create an avatar too.

SeNiLe9113624d ago

This one is yours and... yeah... it's BIG alright

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