Platinum Games Is Working On A New Hero-Based Action Game

Director Hideki Kamiya has told Japanese Famitsu magazine that the game is the third in a trilogy, following Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.

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AK91472d ago

The trailer looked pretty cool but I'm gonna hold reservations until I see gameplay especially considering this is going to be a self published title.

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UnSelf472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

I wish it was my novel they were turning into a game. It's sci-fi, action/adventure, heavy in plot, massive world building and mammoth in fighting scenes. *sigh*

Melankolis472d ago

I hope it will have a dark, gruesome story like Nier Automata, not lighthearted and bright story like Viewtiful Joe or Wonderful 101.

AK91472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Yoko Taro is not involved in this game in anyway and its being Directed by Kamiya (the director of Viewtiful Joe and Wonderful 101) and the final entry to his personal hero trilogy so of course its going to be the latter.

thatguyhayat472d ago

So its Ultraman inspired? Nice. I was hoping for a bayonetta 2 port, i know i know its Nintendo but i had some faith. The last game announcement has me interested. I hope its scalebound i was really looking forward to that game

AK91472d ago

IMHO Astral Chain, Bayo 2 and Bayo 3 (along with any future Bayo games) are going to exclusive to Ninty.