Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Discusses His Vision of The Future of Consoles, Competition, & Collaboration

Xbox division head Phil Spencer talks about his vision for the future of consoles and of the gaming industry, also giving insight on the competition.

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ArmyVetGamer42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

These Phillip Spencer says articles bear no fruit... he has constantly lied to gamers and everyone sees right through him.

Now, whether or not that will change come next gen has remained to be seen. In MS case... i want them to compete... if not it will just be another xb1 gen.

One thing is clear, they have moved from what made them popular in the og and 360 days and moved to solely focus on subscription models, mt, and gaas

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RpgSama42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Enough with the Phil Spencer articles, every single day, several times a day. Sometimes I think that if he would one day stop talking about the Xbox people would just forget the console even exist.


If you're being forced against your will to click the link each time you see a Phil Spencer article, please inform the moderators so they can alert the authorities immediately!

THC CELL42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

But he god of gaming we must obay
What he says do
He says jump we ask how high

He even fooled ms to piss money away on game pass hoping he can balance it out with other bs services

UnholyLight42d ago

RpgSama...A bit out of touch with reality I see

Kiwi6642d ago

But he doesn't hold interviews every day people split up one of his interviews into multiple articles

King_Noctis42d ago

You know its like he should just be quiet and stealth release the Xbox One SX and prey to God that it would sell or something.

Or he should just say “No! I can’t give you any answer because N4G fanboys will get mad at me!” when someone ask him questions during a podcast/interview.

rainslacker42d ago


That's one terrible Haiku you posted there.:)

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NeoGamer23242d ago

News flash, they are part of a company and they all lie.

Politicians and marketing never listen to either one.

S2Killinit42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

True, but the “spencer said” articles are on another level.

dlocsta42d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dragonscale42d ago

Not everyone sees right through him hence the disagrees. How dare you diss the almighty phil lol.

ArmyVetGamer42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Hes just a talking figure with a gaming shirt and a grin on his face... im still baffled anyone trusts this man... at all. Id rather xb1 or og xbox talking heads over this imbecile

And i have disagrees because this is a pro xbox thread 🤗 some people dont like facts when it disagrees with their feelings

OB1Biker42d ago

Hes deluded about streaming only consoles. People dont want that.

AngelicIceDiamond42d ago

@Army Then leave nobody cares what you think.

ArmyVetGamer42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

How else do i stop these random phillip spencer says articles? Just be quiet... yeah that will surely work 🙄

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


Ignoring them may actually work to be honest. But you'd have to get everyone else on board. These discussion threads would be pretty barren if you just left the Xbox fan boys in here, as they're the only ones who really seem to be positive about the stuff he says. If the internet as a whole stopped caring what he said, and all that was left was the Xbox fan boys to post in their own inner circle, they'd grow bored, and websites would stop getting so many hits off of Spencers wisdom articles, and maybe they'd find some more interesting stuff to write about....or go out of business since I doubt they could do that.

I mean, if the same 10-12 people just keep coming into these articles to agree with one another, is it really going to be that interesting for them? As it is now, they seem to think they're having a positive effect on the perception MS has by fighting the good fight on MS behalf.

Dragonscale41d ago

@angelic, you obviously care lol.

GreenDragonCVR42d ago

Preach to us, oh Philbert the prophet, of a discless, streamed, live-service future, where we own nothing and absorb large volumes of mediocre games like cheap narcotics.

ArmyVetGamer42d ago


But it cant be denied they are making a pretty powerful box... im still wondering the price. But im guessing 499 with a massive shit eaten grin on his face

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Revacci42d ago

Again, I have never seen an executive talk more than Phil Spencer.

If there were half as many actual actions as talk the XBOX wouldn't be where it is today.

Atom66642d ago

Again, it was a single podcast. I've never seen an executive get used to generate clicks for gamesites more than Spencer.

RpgSama42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It's not just the podcast, every single week there's always something from him, makes me feel like he's just a PR person and somebody behind closed doors it's actually running the Xbox Division, you don't see this from PS or Nintendo heads, or anybody else over there for that matter.

Ausbo42d ago

People don’t get it. Stevior Comes out with articles every week from an interview in November and the people on this site think he does an interview every week.

Everything he says generates dozens of articles.

Facts are tough to get across on this forum.

Echo_42d ago

that's because he's the perfect click bait lol. They know what his name does in the community. Ruffle feathers.

Atom66642d ago


We've seen at least a half dozen articles from that same podcast. Sites are using an interview from November to still make articles. Look out if the guy tweets something!

We get manipulated by clickbait constantly by these sites. If you want some ad revenue, just put out a Spencer article. You'll instantly get some people interested in what he said, and thousands more who seem to get triggered as soon as he opens his mouth.

S2Killinit42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yes and this is by design. You guys think MS is not pulling the strings on the articles? Its a PR campaign. Not a coincidence.

Atom66642d ago


So copying and pasting interview transcripts into articles on fledgling gaming sites is the master plan for MS here?

Doggy12342d ago

He does wind playstation fans up so easily lol

rainslacker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I think Spencer talks a lot more than he needs to. But I do know the aggravation some experience because if these articles is not completely his doing. Sites are breaking up single interviews or statements, or making multiple opinion pieces on individual talks or tweets or press releases that he or MS make.

He does talk more than any other exec in gaming though. Sometimes it's interesting and we can glean MS intentions, other times its trivial, and still others it feels more like passive aggressive bitterness aimed at the competition, which is what really gets people upset.

I can see why a lot of lower volume sites love Spencer, and thus MS though. His constant steam of talking is enough to keep their ad revenue flowing with the click bait it helps generate. You dont see big sites constantly citing the same interview for months, and often, they even are the source of many of these other sites who milk what Spencer says.


Would seem more.efficient for Phil to actually give more statements if he wanted to keep in the press. Hoping the press rides a single interview can maybe not turn out the way one Hope's. Plus, most of these articles arent being received with excessive excitement.

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Typically when you're invited to interviews....the interviewer will require you to speak 🙄

THC CELL42d ago

Ya no logic u used to be cool read back on some of your messages now u gone down hill I don't know what spark broke on I but I hope u find it again 👽

Bruh42d ago


Its not that people don't get, you can't teach ignorant people new rhetoric brodie

battlegrog42d ago

He has pretty much done everything he has said he would.Xbox is where it is now because of before he was brought on to turn things around.

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Vasto42d ago

Phil Spencer taking over the gaming genre.

RazzerRedux42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

"Phil Spencer talking about the gaming genre."


UnholyLight42d ago

Imagine having this much of a hate on for an exec in gaming. I don't get it. Throughout the eras I have always enjoyed reading from Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft perspectives

RazzerRedux42d ago

Not sure what “hate” you are referring to.

The Wood42d ago

Lol. Hasn't he been doing that since his initial appointment and promotion. . . . Let's see if he can actually turn xbox into market leaders before you make dumb comments like 'taking over' get a grip

Elda42d ago

That person is whipped.

jznrpg42d ago

@Elda and doesn’t get any

THC CELL42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Oh yea so is stadia

In fact cause of him Sony got over a 100 million sales (true story if u look deep into it )

Doggy12342d ago

@ The cell - are you 6yrs old ??

Elda42d ago

LMAO!! How when all 3 generations of the XB platform of console sales were in last place.

rainslacker42d ago

That should be concerning to anyone who cares about video games.

Sayai jin41d ago

Taking over? They can't take anthing over without games. I would bet 0hil knows that if they don't deliver on games next gen many more will jump ship.

Razzer, agreed. That's ehat the headline elded to alone.

NXFather41d ago

They can when they announce Windows for the SX but, until then we all got to hold tight. Even without the games. Then the games will be icing.

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Profchaos42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

"we're going to see a multitude of devices to allow us to play" I'd say that's a pretty clear indication streaming only consoles will be launching pretty soon after X cloud is established
Or one step further Smart tv applications to allow steaming they already run android which supports xcloud so why not Sony had psnow running on smart TVs years ago so it's possible

S2Killinit42d ago

their vision of consoles is obsoletion.

rainslacker42d ago

Yep. MS even wants to make desktops obsolete, or much less relevant. They want their platform used everywhere. They're not even hiding this from the public. It was laid out in Nadella's long term plan for the cloud, and it's the biggest reason they gave away win10 for free.

Theyll still support desktops, or similar systems, because there will always be demand, and cloud isnt practical for everyone for many reasons. But consoles are a hardware expense that costs MS a lot of money to keep going. If they can move all their services and games to be platform agnostic, outside a MS logon of some sort, or running on a virtual platform through cloud, theyll make more profit with less work.

Eventually, like with the windows platform, they'll enjoy being one of, if not the most dominate player in the market, and be right back where they can control 95% of the market.