Dragon Ball Really Needs an Original Video Game Story

Screen Rant Writes: Dragon Ball games need to stop rehashing the same stories.

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FallenAngel198436d ago

Dragon Ball Xenoverse says hi

Xaevi34d ago

I think Dragon Ball needs a spin-off. One without Goku or the usual characters, or about dragged out fights and over the top baddies. More adventure than action, with new characters, and of course the dragon balls. I don't think there's anything that says it has to be ONLY about Goku.

Positivelypositive 34d ago

I would love a game with fresh characters done in the style of the original dragon ball and not the Z type where its power levels and energy blasts and that's about it. techniques and martial art types and such would be awesome to see again.

AK9134d ago

It would be cool yes but I don't think it "really needs" it.