Why EA Keeps Cancelling Star Wars Video Games

EA's Star Wars games seem perpetually doomed.

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Gridknac41d ago

Because Disney is an idiot and let EA have an exclusive contract. EA knows there are no other Star Wars games coming from any other publisher, so they can just piss away opportunity after opportunity without any repercussions. Fans are hungry for Star Wars games and will chew up any scrap that is thrown to them. Fallen Order might have been a step in the right direction, but it was still a shit game.

Haaliax41d ago

I really really enjoyed fallen order. What was so bad about it?

Gridknac41d ago

Well theres nothing wrong with you enjoying it! I just didn't care for the "souls like" gameplay. I thought their character customization was half assed. The scene with the AT-AT was the most memorable in the game and that was fairly early on, so I got bored of it by the near end. I would have liked a Forced Unleashed style game better. Like I said, a step in the right direction. Well maybe a stumble!