Microsoft’s new Xbox One dashboard now available with updated home screen

Microsoft is rolling out its new Xbox One dashboard design to all consoles this week. The new design focuses on overhauling the home page of the Xbox One dashboard, with frequently used games and apps available immediately. The new Home design also includes the ability to add or remove rows to customize it further, and quick access to Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, and the Microsoft Store.

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iplay1up2645d ago

Now a huge Playstation fan, but the Xbox One dashboard and controllers are much better than PS4's.

ps3rider645d ago

ps4 controller is the most comfortable controller in the world

Kabaneri645d ago

But the triggers are wonky and unresponsive compared to the the xbox gamepad. For FPS and racing games its no comparison.

TheRealTedCruz645d ago

As a PC/PS4 gamer, I never felt the need to set up my PS4 controller on PC vs my Xbox One controller.

RazzerRedux645d ago

Everyone has different hands so....

645d ago
SyntheticForm645d ago

I can't believe people are disagreeing with Razzer's hand size/preference comment.

Personally, I think the DS4 is a fine controller, but I know the Xbox One controller suits my hands better. Feels more ergonomic to me in general.

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Father__Merrin645d ago

Xbox one dash was sluggish when I used to have one PS4 controller is more comfy to hold altho triggers one one pad are better.

Atticus_finch645d ago

As the biggest switch and Xbox fan...
Xbox has only changed dashboards a few dozen times, non seem to work well enough.
I'm cursed with symmetrical hands so DS4 is easily better for me.

Orionsangel645d ago

I own both consoles and prefer XBL as well. XBL is more pleasant to use and I like seeing a games artwork behind each game you choose. XBL better organizes your games in categories. PSN is more simplistic and boring in handling your game collection and it seems like a gloomy place to hang out in, but then again it depends on the theme you use.

Christopher645d ago

The older Xbox dashboard was trash, IMHO. I've been using the new one for months now and it is an improvement over Sony's.

How did it do that? It copied the XMB structure and went vertical instead of horizontal. It's also super fast and smooth now.

I still get weird ads on my Xbox sometimes, though. Recent one was for a cellphone plan. So weird to see that on my console.

PS4Gamer1984645d ago

Ps4 owner here, agree 100%, like I don't know quite what it is but the PS4 UI just seems to be soulless and lacks personality. Like it's functional and straightforward but lacks personality

silenthillstrangler645d ago

Controller maybe, dashboard definitely not.

isarai645d ago

This is pretty much the PS4's dashboard though...

Yosemite645d ago

No my Xbox One controller stopped moving up on the left analog I had it for a month and a half I got it this year.

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xxShadow-Shockxx645d ago

kinda looks like the ps4 dash now

UltraNova645d ago

Not kinda, its clearly PS "inspired"...glad to see MS learned a thing or two about dashboard design, the 10th time around.

Christopher645d ago

It is, and I'm happy about it. Been using it for months. It's great.

CaptainCook645d ago

Not really. It looks like the Old Xbox 360 dashboard.

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monkey602645d ago

Sweet! I'll check it out.
I hated everything about the last 2 interfaces

SyntheticForm645d ago

I've been rocking this version for awhile now and the consolidation is much appreciated.

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The story is too old to be commented.