Fans replace Doom Eternal's mumble rap trailer music with Mick Gordon's metal

Doom Eternal's new TV spot unexpectedly features mumble rap music, which does not quite fit the occasion. Luckily, Doom fans have made their own version, packed with Mick Gordon's aggressive industrial metal riffs.

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lellkay420d ago

Whatever it is it has no place in a doom trailer.

xxShadow-Shockxx420d ago

don't get me wrong, i agree, the song in the actual trailer doesn't fit at all, the replacement song is so much better for the doom trailer.

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LordoftheCritics420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

The person who decided on the music should be the main villain in the game.

SyntheticForm419d ago


Though I'm certainly no fan of rap, I think it does work in certain instances and a DOOM game is definitely not one of them.

DOOM has always been metal and it always should be.

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xX1NORM1Xx420d ago

Thank you! Look I don't like the song either but it's not fucking mumble rap...

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spicelicka420d ago

Yea it's actually a decent song, although it doesn't suit DOOM at all. I was preparing for some unnecessary screaming in my ear but the guitar in the replacement was wayy better.

Muzikguy420d ago

True it isn't but I don't know how they thought it fit the trailer

UnSelf420d ago

cant wait to see the article stating "Garbage Rock&Roll replaced with Hip-Hop." Cant you imagine the size of the fire thatll be started?

CaptainObvious878418d ago

Does anyone else thing almost all rap is worse than a group of dying cats scratching chalk boards and "gangsta" rappers are nothing but insufferable, tryhard douches?

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annoyedgamer421d ago

That's bot mumble rap. Its generic pop rap. Dont see why fans should care, this is a pop trailer to get the normies and dudebros at the gym see it on ESPN and want to buy it. It helps convert normies to fans.

MrDead421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

This is DOOM not Bud Light!

It should tear your f******g head off and s**t down your neck with metal!

MWH420d ago

That's the doing of some other dude who was all out of gum.

annoyedgamer419d ago

So? More fans means more get tor enjoy the death metal. Eze them in.

Hungryalpaca420d ago

It makes the marketing team look confused.

Let’s advertise Halo next with some Ariana Grande.

Lennoxb63419d ago

Depends on what Ariana is singing.

Edgelordsupreme420d ago

Imagine using the term normies with a straight face.

lellkay420d ago

Bethesda really are plonkers

Shuckylad420d ago

A little to complimentary for me.

Smokehouse420d ago

“Plonker” is the greatest British contribution to human society.

yoshatabi420d ago

No music genre should ever die

Dom_Estos420d ago

Dubstep should die, be put down a pit, have petrol poured on it, set alight, then nuked just to be sure.

Silly gameAr420d ago

Yea, I'd rather have someone screaming in my ear for 5 minutes straight.

Immorals420d ago

Shit rap should die. Good rap is harder to find, but is great. Still doesn't suit a doom trailer, but there you go.

Parasyte420d ago

Same thing with metal. You gotta dig through a lot of garbage before you find the really good bands.

TheProfessional420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Some rap is super entertaining and great to get inebriated to but let's be honest, it is not really music. There aren't even instruments involved and the actual rapping has gotten so much worse with migos etc. just making sounds (skkrt skkrrt). EDM isn't real music either, just rich kids with laptops stringing sounds together. Regardless of opinions rap has no place in a doom trailer though.

Casepb420d ago

Careful that talk is no better than SJW talk. Just because you don't enjoy something doesn't mean it has no right to exist.

AnubisG420d ago

Rap can be good but the wast majority is complete shit.

Rap does not go well with fighting games or shooters....or any game to be honest.

QuePasa87419d ago

It worked well for the Def Jam games :P

And what about THUG 2 and Parappa :P

AnubisG419d ago


You got me there. Rap works in games that are made with rap in mind.😆

chiefJohn117419d ago

Highly disagree. Rap goes great with fighting games.

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Blaze929420d ago

White people is mad at rap being in video game trailers again.

ShadowWolf712420d ago

Bro, black people and white people have come together to take a dump on that TV spot. lol

That song was BEYOND unfitting.

UnholyLight420d ago

Way to make it about race. 2K19/20 in a nutshell people

AnubisG420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Why do you boile this down to racism?

CaptainObvious878418d ago

"White people ARE mad at....." not ïs".

If you're going to be a racist, at least your proper English.

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