Halo MMO was well underway

Develop: Ensemble team working on title was up to nearly 40 people; game model was based on World of Warcraft

Dave Pottinger, the tech boss at ill-fated Microsoft owned studio and Halo Wars developer Ensemble, has stated that the long-rumoured Halo MMO had been green lit and was well underway before the Xbox 360 platform holder pulled the plug on the project.

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dragunrising3625d ago

I've never played a MMO before and one set in the Halo universe might have appealed to me. Perhaps this gen isn't ideal for MMO's in general. Here is hoping that the title is revived with updated graphics for the Xbox successor...make it a FPSMMO as well:-p

The Matrix3624d ago

Yeah it does sound like a good idea. Hopefully if they do make it in the future they can make it on consoles as well as the PC.

Citizen Cook3624d ago

As great as the ORIGINAL Halo game was, an MMO based on a FPS would have sucked big time! M$ made the right decision.

Now,m if only someone would greenlight Shenmue III

Tyetan3624d ago

I bet you they'll hand this job over to Cryptic eventually.