What if Disney Bought EA: The Consolidation of the Gaming Industry

Amadeo Plaza writes: The Wall Street Journal's Martin Peers recently made the assertion that Electronic Arts would be a great purchase for media behemoth Disney. His statements sparked a lot of discussion within the industry, and the entertainment sectors in general. If Disney were to purchase Electronic Arts, it would take ownership of one of the world's largest publishers, further solidifying the gaming industy's viability as a legitimate entertainment medium. Although we were unable to get a hold of Martin Peers, we spoke with Eric J. Savitz, West Coast Editor of Barron's, about the implications of a Disney/EA purchase and the recent consolidation of the gaming industry.

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FilippoDinolfo3626d ago

I'm not sure Disney buying EA is such a good idea. There are tons of properties that EA has that are direct competitors to Disney's own properties. I'd think maybe Take 2 would be a better buy.

Mgoblue2013625d ago

I don't think that things would necessarily change at EA if this happened. It would be one more company to answer to. EA would just need to turn a profit in that situation.