Someone Spent 7 Years Making Metroid Fusion In Minecraft

There’s a popular video of Samus running down corridors, hopping between platforms, and shooting parasites. It looks like any other piece of Metroid Fusion gameplay—until the camera slowly zooms out to reveal that the entire simulation is happening inside Minecraft.

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DVAcme442d ago

This guy should be on a watchlist.

ssj27442d ago

He should have waited 7 years. Enjoying life and make it in dream will have save easily 6 years and half of his life . At least i woul6be suprising if someone can make this gsne in dreams and better in 1 month or two

Nacho_Z442d ago

I'm guessing/hoping that it was the journey that he enjoyed not the destination...otherwise the release of Dreams will be more of a nightmare.