Inside Insomniac Games With Ted Price

Gamasutra's Christian Nutt sat down with Insomniac CEO Ted Price at their recent community event; the discussion centered heavily on Resistance 2 and the Insomniac development process. Price has a lot to say about how Insomniac deals with requests and suggestions from...

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GamerMan3624d ago

When submitting articles like this just link the main source instead of to a site that links a site. I'd rather see the full article instead of a snippet of what someone thought about the article and then linking the original source.

I can form my opinions from the full article.

Thanks in advance


Karum3624d ago

Gotta +1 that comment, the full article at Gamasutra was a really good read and really enjoyed it.

Great article. Would be nice to read similar interviews with other developers.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3624d ago

i like ted, he seems to be a nice sympathic person.

Freakwave0033624d ago

I met him at the Metreon on the midnight release of Resistance 2. He's a pretty cool guy.