Grand Theft Auto IV PC Requires "Activation" Before Play

UK mega-retailer Tesco have posted an image of the back of the PC version of GTA IV's box today. The image doesn't reveal much, partly due to its tiny size and compressed nature...

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Rikitatsu3623d ago

Nothing Stops hackers.

Do your best Rockstar.

vitz33623d ago

This is ridiculous. Who in their right mind, who has a PC capable of playing this would have it connected to the internet?

NOW. Limited installs I have a problem with, I'm glad this isn't the case.

Don't pirate this plz, this is coming from a blatant pirate too. I want GTA V on PC.

Charmers3623d ago

If you want to play GTA 4 online with the PC version you will have to buy a copy. Unlike the pirated Xbox 360 version which can be played online no problem.

I don't actually have a problem with online activation of the game myself. The game comes with multiplayer content so I can't see where the beef is about that. However I am glad to see it will not have limited activations and installs.

That means I can go ahead and buy it now, I paid £200 to play this on the console so I have no problems paying £25 to play the superior version on the PC. Only two weeks to go and I am hyped for it.

Gun_Senshi3623d ago

Sorry GTA IV was a disappointment to GTA Fans and doesn't deserve the scores and sales it got as everyone knows.

Bonsai12143623d ago

if they had a steam like system, then i can see them not having hacker problems.

ThanatosDMC3623d ago

I wonder if my HD3200 equipped laptop would be able to play this game. I mean, sure i have the PS3 version though i dont want to restart my game just for the trophies. I want the PC version for mods and the sharper look.

I do have a desktop with x850 equipped. But chances i'll upgrade it to 9600GTX since the price of it came down at Microcenter for less than $100 which was very peculiar.

psnDevistator3563623d ago

After Far Cry 2 came out, it wasn't longer than 3 days that someone cracked it.

You can't beat hackers.

The best thing to do is not to make more people aware of it, so they
won't get the idea.

I can download almost anything if I felt like it.

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Vazz3623d ago

It's too bad that there are idiots that will blindly support it and give up their rights. This has now become a no buy for me.

3623d ago
cpuchess3623d ago

Give up their rights to what? You are only buying a license to use the software you are not buying the software.

Polluted3623d ago

Oh boo-hoo. On average, less than 2 in 10 people who play a game on their PC actually paid for it. And people whine about online activation. Activision isn't taking anything away from you. They're simply taking one very non-intrusive step to try to prevent piracy.

Bolts3623d ago

Activation is better than DRM. This is the way to go.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3623d ago

who care about this game on pc? i guess most of the people has played the games already

psnDevistator3563623d ago

I have San Andreas on PC and I would take it over the console version of GTAIV anyday.

Charmers3623d ago

Exactly psnDevistator356 the list of improvements Rockstar has made to the game for the PC make it more than worthy of repurchasing. The previews have been incredibly positive with comments like :-

"when I turned on the console version for the first time in months that I said to myself: "Wow. This looks dated by comparison to the PC"
"Rockstar told us that the equivalent vehicle density featured on the console versions would have been just 33 per cent."
"we were blown away by the views of the entire map - all islands. This is not like you remember the helicopters on console. You can literally see everything."
"the texture resolution is noticeably higher; you can see (and read) advertisements in the subway station, signs in buildings and logos on merchandise that you wouldn't even have noticed before."

It has also been confirmed that the PC version will have a comprehensive replay editor and multiplayer has been increased from 16 to 32 players. Oh and one last snippet, the PC is getting the custom radio station so we can listen to our own MP3's over the car radio. There are a host of other improvements not yet disclosed, the only reason why I haven't pre-ordered my copy is my hope that even at this late date they will produce a special edition version for the PC. However if nothing is announced by next week I will of course order the PROPER version of GTA 4.

Gitaroo3623d ago

bet you it will be cracked within a week, maybe even less than a day.

Charmers3623d ago

I know terrible isn't it all this piracy the only thing that could possibly be worse is if they managed to get a pirated copy out over a week before the game was due out ............. oh wait that already happened with the xbox version didn't it. Now unlike the xbox version which allows you to use a pirated copy for online play the PC version will require you to purchase it if you want to use the multi player.

kwyjibo3623d ago

I don't mind online activation, but I think this is Games For Windows Live only. So I'll have to install that Trojan horse on my system.

Why not use Steam, it's a system by a company that people actually like. Oh, I know, it's because Microsoft threw a lot of money at Rockstar.

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