What Happened to the Switch eShop Reviews System? writes, "The Nintendo Switch briefly had an eShop reviews system for digital games. Over a year ago, Nintendo removed the system saying it would come back at an unspecified time. The eShop reviews system has yet to resurface. Why does the Nintendo 3DS offer user reviews and the Nintendo Switch doesn't?"

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monkey60241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The Eshop is a disaster but at the very least it has a wishlist, Which I cant believe Playstation hasn't got yet

TK-6641d ago

In terms of storefront features I think it's a joke that neither of the big 3 have provided what Steam has.

Teflon0240d ago

It's dumb, but they have one. It's just available everywhere but the actual system lol

monkey60240d ago

Yeah through the PC and web browser but that's far from convenient haha

Shiken41d ago

This is old news..
really old news...