Five Sequels That Crashed The Hype Train

Sequels that crashed the hype train: We look at five titles from fantastic franchises that would be crushed under the weight of their own hype.

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AK9142d ago

Post Silent Hill 2? Really? Both 3 and 4 were great games sure they aren't as good as 2 (especially 3) but both deserved to be played and enjoyed as classics.

callos0542d ago

Definitely not in disagreement. 3 and 4 were reasonably good entries. The rest were leaps and bounds worse. Though none lived up to the hype that 1 and 2 had created. Thanks for reading 😊👍

Callum from COG

Bleucrunch41d ago

Silent Hill 2 is and always will be a classic, Silent Hill 3 & 4 just exist and to me not on the level of 2. They both are embarrassments to that franchise.

Gamehard42d ago

Kinda dumb to have FFXIII on here since none of the numbered titles are actually sequels to previous ones. Mass effect 3 doesn't really deserve to be on this list as bad as Dragon Age 2 imo either. ME3 was a pretty great game aside from the botched ending.

jznrpg42d ago

You are correct , Dragon Age 2 was horrible

callos0542d ago

Can see your point that all FF's are unique to each other. Though with the numbered releases on ps2 being so critically acclaimed, 13 was such a fall in form and I think it's really hurt the series. Da2 Wass terrible to be fair. Gotta give you that. As for ME3, if you're gonna drag players on that long and beautifully crafted narrative only to end it like that then I see that as bigger crime than anything androneda did. Thanks for reading though 😊👍

Callum from COG

hentaicollector42d ago

What. FFXIII was pretty good and Silent Hill 3 and 4 were great.

callos0542d ago

See above comments. Though find it hard to see any saving graces for FF13. Was such a dull game. Thanks for reading 😊👍

Callum from COG

Bleucrunch41d ago

This list is spot on if you ask me. FF13 although not a sequel, its not even in the top 15 of the all 15 Final Fantasy games...The ONLY thing that was good about 13 was the paradigm shift fighting system. Cannot praise it enough.

> Kingdom hearts 3 was a no brainier, I have it for Xbox (should have gotten it for ps4 but whatever) lost the interest in it and didn't even play a full hour of that game before I got bored. I truly am disgusted with Squeenix for how they screwed up that about a WOW moment.

>Silent Hill was spot on post Silent Hill 2 (the best horror game I have EVER played) the others were just ok, nothing to speak on and remember.

>As for Spyro, after the first one on Playstation (a classic), Spyro who?????

I am not the type of gamer that looks a lineage as a means to decide if a game is good or not. What I mean by this is Silent Hill 3 and 4 do not get any bumps in popularity because Silent Hill 2 was so good. They are judge separately which is why Mass Effect 3 was an utter absolute failure and shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

callos0541d ago

So glad to have checked every box. Not often do I get comments where I've hit the nail on the head. Thanks for READING. 😊👍

Callum from COG