TeamXbox: Left 4 Dead Review

TeamXbox writes: "Horror movies through history owe a debt of gratitude to the existence of zombies, body-possessed parasites and their undead ilk. "Night of the Living Dead," "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "The Thing" are classics that prove there's only little worse than being attacked by something that wipes out a majority of the population in your town (or spaceship or planet)…except something that wipes out a majority of the population in your town (or spaceship or planet) and turns them into mindless, relentless killers".

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Bodhi3649d ago

Agreed. Amazing score actually. I hate saying AAA but seriously, this game = AAA quality.

Buying it as soon as my wallet recovers from Gears of War 2.

thenickel3649d ago

I hit disagree on accident but agree with your comment. Great score and great game by valve once again.

ThanatosDMC3649d ago

One thing i wish for them to add is the option to use a desert eagle instead of the dual barretas for the secondary. I dont care if it loses its rapid fire 30 rounds. I would gladly trade it for a 7 shots of blown limbs!

socomnick3649d ago

Those are m1911s, they are .45 caliber pistols. they hold 15 rounds for gameplay purposes but in real life they hold 7 rounds plus 1 in the chamber.

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Spike473649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

A 9.7 is exagerated, anything at or over 9.5 is just strange. L4D is awesome but shooting zombies can get old quick. The multiplayer is what helps this game out in the end.

N4PS3G3649d ago

Thats why everyone's is entitled to an opinion ..If some review think its 9.7 ..then its cool...again ..your opinion is not everyone's opinion :)

thenickel3649d ago

Shooting in any game does get repetitive but l4d use an AI director that make every experience different and unique. This game has more replay value then any other game before it, and the multiplayer will be were the real fun is at. Since the online co-op is so deep I give the game a 96 easy.

Mr PS33649d ago

MicroSoft Gave Team XboT

fufotrufo3649d ago

your little d!ck hahaha

xenogamer3649d ago

because it made him look like a fvcking idiot award goes tooooooo ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6

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