Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One players can upgrade to Xbox Series X for free

Cyberpunk 2077 players on Xbox One can upgrade to the Xbox Series X version of the game for free, CD Projekt Red has revealed.

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gangsta_red42d ago

"This is a big move for Microsoft. The current console generation saw developers releasing various remasters of their last-gen games, though Xbox Series X will negate this by way of allowing players to make the jump for free, complete with the visual and performance enhancements they’d expect on a new and improved console. It remains to be seen if Sony will respond in kind with the PS5"

Damn, that is some good news. I will definitely be getting Cyberpunk and then not even have to worry about a Series X version.

Kribwalker42d ago

MS releasing a lot of good info today. They’re looking really good and well prepared for next gen with some really consumer friendly moves

UnholyLight42d ago

Imagine getting disliked for that comment. It's truly a much more customer focused plan this time around versus what the old leadership attempted to pull the last time around. You'd think even the N4G Sony trolls would let off and realize that there's no way that could be a bad thing!

42d ago
shaggy230341d ago


The Sony Defence Force has been called out in force on this news story.

4Sh0w42d ago

Great attitude as weel from CD Projekt Red:

“Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice or pay for upgrades,” CD Projekt Red tweeted. “Owners of #Cyberpunk2077 for Xbox One will receive the Xbox Series X upgrade for free when available.”

anonymousfan42d ago

Do you think this will work with physical versions of the game too? Damn I hope the PS4 version will have the same PS5 free upgrade.

Imalwaysright42d ago

Nothing new from CD Red as the Witcher and Witcher 2 enhanced editions were free for those that already owned the games.


@anonymousfan I'm sure Sony will do it. It would be silly of them not to.

isarai42d ago

I'm guessing that means we should see the same for the PS4/5 version aswell like the way sony has done with their many "Cross Buy" titles.

ziggurcat42d ago

"Damn I hope the PS4 version will have the same PS5 free upgrade."

PS5 will have BC functionality with PS4, so it will invariably work in the same way it does between the base PS4 and the Pro model in that there will likely only be a downloaded patch that includes all of the PS5 enhancements. I do not see there being a separate PS4/PS5 version.

neutralgamer199242d ago

It will be same for ps5 if CD project red were to be believed

Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice or pay for upgrades,” CD Projekt Red tweeted

Orionsangel42d ago

It's true. In the last 15 years how many of us have rebought GTAIII and RE4? I'd say a few times.

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AngelicIceDiamond42d ago

Didn't they say there wasn't gonna be next gen versions of this game?

Kerppamaister42d ago

They aren't making it right now or at the start of next gen, I think what they said

gangsta_red42d ago

No clue, I think it was probably assumed there wouldn't be but then with the delay there might have been some rumors of a next gen version.

ImGumbyDammit42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

No, they never said that. They said they are fully focused on this gen at the moment. And will determine how to handle next-gen after they release the game. I personally expect the game to be updated within 6 months after the arrival next gen consoles. Definitely the type of game that can get people to buy into a next-gen console.

NecrumOddBoy41d ago

This is what I thought. This is a current gen title. This news makes me happy because I will pick it up on nextgen if it's available for it day one.

medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Here's what I would like clarification on though.....CD Projekt has historically developed for pc first, console second. The focus on consoles is recent for them, and we know that Cyberpunk will release the same date on pc that it does for consoles. This "next gen" version for series x and ps5 should be already a long ways toward being made, as my thinking is that it won't take much tweaking to allow the pc version to run on the new hardware, if any at all is required. I'm sure the baseline specs to run the game on a typical/average gaming pc will be significantly below what the new consoles will be capable of, and certainly below the top of what pc's are currently capable of. If anyone has a reason why this would not be the case, I would love to hear an opinion on it.

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ReadyPlayer2242d ago

We already know Activision and EA's greed aren't going to support this lol. Awesome feature for next gen regardless.

AngelicIceDiamond42d ago

Funny I was just thinking that they're way too greedy to support the feature. Great feature but it may be a wasted one sorry Ph8il. Sounds like MS is trying to reinforce or dictate positive change amongst the developers this time around.

loxim42d ago

I hope this works as a physical version as well. I like to actually own my games and have something I can hold.

SyntheticForm42d ago

I'll be doing the same.

Great news.

UnholyLight42d ago

I was already gonna buy it, but this allay's my concerns I had voiced previous about how I hoped it would be a next gen only title to make sure it doesn't impact the game too much!

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FyBy42d ago

Simply put, xbox is as close to pc as it can get. For people it will be highly tuned cost effective gaming solution. Not bad. Very thin line between console and pc world. And also between console generations. I hope my XOX will last several years. If Kinect games will be functional also on XSX, then maybe it will also be part of my living room. I know, kinect is dead. But Just dance on kinect is best :-).

anonymousfan42d ago

Although I did enjoy Kinect... I doubt it'll be compatible with next gen same as Xbox 360 Kinect games do no work on Xbox One

Zeref42d ago

All accessories will work out of the box. It's safe to assume that counts for Kinect as well.

KillBill42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

That was mainly due to the way older Kinect versus newer Kinect worked with OS. Xbox Series X has been built to work natively with all Xbox One games. So the issues that arose with Xbox 360 to Xbox One through software process won't be the same issues between Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One peripherals will work on Xbox Series X and unless they speak something different directly on Kinect then we have to expect it to be included.

Also on note. Microsoft has also mentioned that new controllers for Xbox Series X will work on Xbox One. Which is another clear indication of the marriage between Xbox One OS and Xbox Series X OS.

gorillatactics42d ago

Thin line? Console destroys PC

FyBy42d ago

I can imagine if MS will fully support uwp on XSX, XOX, it can be proof of concept for forcing uwp on desktops. I hope it will not happen, but apparently MS tries every few years :-). On the other hands, it makes sense to buy "PC", which is tuned every six years when you know, developers will try hard to be able to run their game smoothly on that machine. Its something like guarantee, that next 6 years, games will be playable on your machine. On PC you never have this guarantee. But if you buy PC for 2000 USD, it will probably last 6 years. And thats one of reasons to buy XSX. Also I never had problems with running games on XOX or PS4PRO, but on PC, every fourth or so games have their problem with something (Windows, sound drivers, gpu drivers,...). So Im for these machines. Its for budget people, who dont have time and money to assemble their own machines into smaller form factor. Not bad. Consoles are very different now.

Sgt_Slaughter42d ago

"xbox is as close to pc as it can get"

Okay, Microsoft employee account

TheProfessional42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Sony will probably NOT do this, they were the absolute worst this generation with countless remasters and re-releases.
God of War 3, Last of Us, Beyond, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Wipeout, etc. They remastered almost EVERY successful PS3 exclusive and charged full price, no new content just upscaled and re-released.

It will be hard for them to not support this since Micrsoft has already agreed but you can bet that Sony will NOT do this for any of their upcoming releases like Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima which will 100% have PS5 versions for $60 6 months after their original PS4 releases.

micdagoat1942d ago

I actually wanted a way to play the god of war collection on PS4 though

TheProfessional42d ago

That would've been better than re-releasing God of War 3 which was much newer and barely looked enhanced on PS4.

mandf42d ago

You forgot about all the cross buy games that were put out this gen by sony.

PitbullMonster42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

What about the Halo Collection or Gears of War: Ultimate Edition? Sony had Cross Buy games for PS3, PS4 and PSvita long before MS.
btw. Sony already confirmed that ps4 games will be supported by ps5. Nothing new here.

TheProfessional42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Exactly, there are only two remastered games on the Xbox one compared to all of the ones Sony made. Gears of War 1 was from 2006 and wasn't remastered until 2016. And the Halo collection had five games and some of those games were from 2001-2005.

Everything Sony re-released came from PS3 which was much more recent and arguably much less necessary to remaster anything from, especially when they were charging full price.

Sciurus_vulgaris42d ago

The Halo collection was 4 games and Gears of War:UE was not full priced. I think Sony priced the remasters of some of their PS3 to PS4 titles too high.

DEEHULK8842d ago

When did Sony announce that because I didn't see any uproar from these silly sites and publications.

Petebloodyonion42d ago

MS rework the cutscene for Gears, change some of the mechanics (like cpu being able to revive you), add new multiplayer modes and had improved polygons models and new textures dor the game.
Halo was a compilation with rework graphics for Halo 2 (and new Cutscene) the multiplayer is new and unique to this compilation

What was add to Last of Us, GOW3, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, etc... aside from 60 frames and bump in resolution?

PitbullMonster42d ago

These games are perfect as they are.

Spurg42d ago

Halo MCC was more than just a remaster. It included all of the Halo games, included a newly remastered Halo 2 and had Halo 3 and 4 running at 4k with additional enhancements. It also included the multiplayer for each game, unlike Uncharted collection which excluded the multiplayer.
Gears of war ultimate edition was a remaster with new graphics and cut content, so the remaster was much more justified.

extermin8or41d ago

Supported by ps5 with improvements hell they patented software to auto upscale and improve image etc on games running on next gen from last gens.....

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AnubisG42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I think they will. It was done with CoD Ghosts. If you got the PS3 version, you could upgrade for free on the PS4.

I think it's up to the developers more than Sony.

Ausbo42d ago

Hold on now. The last generation Sony is no more. All new people in higher roles. They almost have to do this now.

Z50142d ago

How were 360 only owners going to play these games on their shiny new PS4?

I'm asking because it SOUNDS like you're complaining, but you didn't offer a solution.

FyBy42d ago

Sorry but PS4 had lot of exclusive games. I also enjoyed remasters like Shadow of the colossus and Uncharted series, because I didnt played them before (only uncharted 1 on ps3 but not 2 and 3).
It is sad though that if you transit from one gen to another, you have to pay for games. I can understand, when remaster is for half price. And I mean remaster in terms of Shadow of the colossus - new engine, textures, models, controls. Im very curious if Sony will change its behaviour to remasters if MS will make cyberpunk statement (buy on XO, get copy on XSX for free) its strategy. Its good, that MS is back, because competition is needed. Every company (even MS) behaves to customers like to if its on the top.

Zeref42d ago

The fact that MS is doing it means that they will be forced to. If they don't, they can expect a ton of backlash.

Z50142d ago

Like the same backlash of f2p games behind a paywall.
Yea, gamers are super consistent/

isarai42d ago

Im guessing you've never owned a Playstation console, Playstation has had "Cross Buy" titles for over a decade, and many of those cross gen. Hell some of the first games i played on PS4 was Journey, Flower, and Strider which i only purchased on PS3, but that also gives you the PS4 versions free.

tontontam042d ago

those remasters are for those people who did not own these games in the first place. i.e xbox users who changed sides.

bouzebbal41d ago

Good they didn't force you to buy any of these..
So what you are saying is PS4 got no proper game?

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