Sony's latest financial report confirms PSP sales slowdown

According to Sony's latest financial figures – released today – the turnover in PSP hardware seems to have hit a brick wall. In the three months ending December 31st – the critical period that included the run up to Christmas – Sony shipped a mere 1.76 million PSPs worldwide, compared to 6.22 million in the same period in 2005. That's a staggering fall of 72 per cent.

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sixaxis5719d ago

one day it have to happen. i mean it will eventually happen with ps3 and Xbox 360 too.

SlaughterMeister5719d ago

I have a PSP, and I love it.

I would buy more games if there were more to buy!

This is why no one is buying the system, not enough good, original games!

Contra265719d ago

homebrew all psp's...... 1.5

if sony doesnt come out with solid games..
then they'll pay the consequence

omansteveo5719d ago

Of course the sales slowdown the PSP sucks, the only thing thats going to get them back on track is to stop releasing ports of ps2 games.

CAPS LOCK5719d ago

we need more original games like the nintendo ds. but i heard that square soft is releasing some games and there will be more games this year for the psp.

it is sony first hand-held game machine, so please dont expect too much...i just hope they don't put games on memory stick otherwise i couldn't play my music during playing a game...also have more online games for gods sake.