Mario is killing the planet with his giant carbon footprint, say scientists

The Console Carbon Footprint study has revealed that gaming - and especially Mario - is a major contributor to sky-high levels of C02 emissions

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sprinterboy43d ago

Yep, can't beat the daily star for factual news reading here in the UK/S

43d ago
Fist4achin43d ago

Wow, the PC squad is now targeting Mario?! Is anything safe anymore?

madpuppy43d ago

well, Nintendo is a successful company that it's customers love, That alone makes it a target to be destroyed by the PC crowd.

Jsm89k43d ago

Climate change is pc now?

drpepperdude43d ago

Definitely, only the politically correct crowd freak out.

Knushwood Butt43d ago

Not sure about the Switch but historically Nintendo consoles have been less environmentally friendly than others.

Also Amibo is just plastic waste, and there are millions of them out there.

This has nothing to do with being politically correct, as Jsm89k is suggesting.

fr0sty43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Only if PC = Educated, unlike the "I googled it, it's just a conspiracy" armchair scientists you see on the internet.

Palitera42d ago

Nevermind the bollocks. Don’t expect decent thoughts in a right wing gaming website.

VariantAEC37d ago

Thinks N4G is right wing? Daily Star sure as •••• isn't right wing! 😂

I'm politically in the center and moving more and more to the right every day by simple virtue of the fact that the left keeps on tripping further left.

In The US Socialism is the left's new platform which most people even most Democrats can't get behind. The left wing but not THAT FAR LEFT news outlets have already voiced their concerns about Bernie Sanders. I'm talking about MSNBC, ABC, CNN and CBS. Fox is actually excited because they think Democrats won't get on board and that a Bernie nomination could irreparably damage the DNC, but I sincerely doubt that. They're sure he'll lose to Trump and I for one hope all these disparate news outlets are right this time.

Forgive me if I'd take Trump over wanting The US to look like Venezuela, USSR, Vietnam and/or China and if you live in The US or any mostly free western nation you shouldn't want socialism either. One of the first things the far left wants to actually do is ban our games because of the CO2 emissions they create, to them gaming is one of those things contributing to the destruction of the planet!

P.S. When Fox wanted to ban games in 2008 and the network was roasted throughly for it? Remember when Trump did the same last year because he thought they may contribute to mass shootings and the media roasted him throughly? Remember how Hillary (2005) Barrack (2008) Hillary (2016) and the multiple Democrat presidential hopefuls (2018) didn't get any heat for the same talking points?

Here's a real left wing organization you should be afraid of:

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RazzerRedux43d ago

PC gaming has nothing to do with this!

Oh wait....that "pc" squad. ok.....sorry

Marcello43d ago

This is the sort of thing Trump would say, complete nonsense.

FirstSonOfKrypton43d ago

This is the sort of thing a Trump obsessed idiot would say, complete lack of understanding.

Marcello43d ago

Wow triggered, blimey that easy.

FirstSonOfKrypton43d ago

@Marcello Just have to point out the irony in your post not triggered at all;)

Marcello43d ago

FFS guys it was just a silly comment about a silly article. I was just making fun of the windmills give you cancer crap & everyone gets their feathers in a flap. Chill pill time.

specialguest43d ago

Why are you getting triggered?

LordoftheCritics42d ago

We need you both around, makes the rest of us look good.

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BabyYoda43d ago

It's actually the opposite to what Trump would say, he doesn't buy into the man-made climate change hysteria in the slightest and rightly so. The agenda behind that nonsense is not about saving the planet and never has been, don't be so naive.

Tross43d ago

It would be foolish to completely disregard the effect human activity is having on climate change. However, I do agree that there is an agenda behind initiatives to curb it, and they often pick the worst things to focus on. Even if videogames were to just up and vanish tomorrow, the problem would still persist. Maybe they can focus on transit initiatives and encouraging use of hybrid and electric vehicles instead of trying to murder various industries, many of which are contributing comparatively little to climate change. But no, let's go after that Italian plumber.

Tross42d ago

@the disagrees. Wow, I didn't think there were that many people who think Mario is a major contributor to climate change.

lovemetal62643d ago

lol, wrong people dude, The left are the ones pushing climate control, Your great savior AOC and Bernie are the ones who would say and agree with this, not trump.

and before you make an assumption, no I dont back trump either., worlds not black and white (blue and red) (left and right)

its just a bunch of terrible people with lots of money and influence, screwing with us all.

Auron43d ago

Um no Trump wouldnt say that. The bloodthirsty left lunitics would definitely say that though. Do you pay attention to the left at all or just believe anything they tell you?

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