Kojima Productions pulls out of GDC 2020 due to Coronavirus

"Kojima Productions has made the difficult decision to cancel our participation at the 2020 Game Developers Conference due to increasing concerns related to coronavirus."

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ilikestuff330d ago

Health over video games. I think there are ways to send information such as videos though the internet. These people that pulled out, my moms said she wishes that my dad would’ve, can maybe use the internet to release information about their games and still remain free of viruses. I wish I was free of them..,.. burns when I urinate.

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bouzebbal330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I do not get it.. Where does this take place?? In an infected part of the US??

Hedstrom330d ago

No. But you get people all over the world who attend.

bouzebbal330d ago

Ok so at this pace, e3 will also be cancelled

LiViNgLeGaCY330d ago

^^I wouldn't be surprised, actually.

frostypants330d ago

E3 was circling the drain even before this.

BrainSyphoned330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

A soon to be infected part of the world. San Fran can’t keep poop and needles off it’s streets let alone contain a pandemic. After it hits SF you have hordes of untraceable homeless people traveling off the grid to your home town.

gamer7804330d ago

When it hits SF it will be crazy, that state is run horribly. Celebs will give some speeches from their walled gardens that I’m sure will help.

BrainSyphoned330d ago

PAXeast is Boston

S2Killinit330d ago

That state? You mean California? The 5th largest economy in the world? People need to come back to reality. Your hatred of a part of our country is unwarranted and fueled by toxic politicians. Fix it because other countries have traveled the road you are on. Believe me it doesnt end well.

Donnie81330d ago

California is a perfect example of why you don’t want the left in charge of anything

gangsta_red330d ago

"San Fran can’t keep poop and needles off it’s streets let alone contain a pandemic"

San Francisco has that as an epidemic, that would have been a more reasonable excuse (which has been an issue with conventions) more than worrying about the virus in SF.

frostypants330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

@gamer7804, California is full of some weird people but "run horribly"? It's among the top 10 states in GDP per capita in the US, and is the wealthiest state overall. It's objectively not poorly run, even if San Francisco handles their homeless situation poorly. I know popular political mindsets aren't tied to any rational evaluation of economic reality (and this will get downvoted because "durrhurr facts are stupid"), but if you want to see poorly run states, just pick a southeastern state at random and your odds are solid. Mississippi and West Virginia are practically third world hellholes that, if they vanished tomorrow, the national economy wouldn't blink.

Also, why are we talking about this? GDC isn't in California, much less San Fran...

frostypants330d ago

@Donnie81, if California is a perfect example of the left gone wrong, then what is West Virginia? Is it confusing to you that your example of a bad left-wing state is so, soooooo much better off than the worst right-wing states? Best not to start political arguments you've already lost, much less on a gaming site.

DoubleYourDose330d ago

Hordes of the homeless population in San Francisco are going to suddenly leave the city to travel to various towns in the region or across the country?

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sprinterboy330d ago

More humans live on earth than just Americans you know?
People travel from all over, I'll let that sink in for awhile.
Basically anywhere with a high percentage of people crammed in a small space is running the risk.

Hungryalpaca330d ago

It’s mostly Asian countries and they risk bringing it to other countries.

sprinterboy330d ago

Which is my point exactly, foreigners travelling for leisure and business around the world.
If it becomes a pandemic like millions of deaths they'll just close the airports, ports and borders? But I don't think it'll be anywhere near that bad.

rainslacker330d ago

Chances are that Kojima would be travelling around asian people if he were to go to GDC. I mean, he is asian, and lives in Japan, and would likely be traveling from Japan, where a lot of Asian people would be traveling from.

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monkey602330d ago

I'm sure many in Italy felt the same as the majority of the US last week.

I can't fault those who would rather skip the event as a precautionary measure. Many of the same skeptics now would wish they had if something did come of it.

sprinterboy330d ago

Exactly, a virus is priority over any event, confused as apparently the Olympics our still going ahead though? That dicision will be down to losing money no doubt.
Personally though I think we'll have a vacinne by spring april/may? I don't believe this 1 year BS waiting on the vacinne.
Just some stats btw but 100 people die every day from chicken pox, measles, flu. 90% of the deaths so far have been elderly just like its mostly elderly who die from common colds or flu.
The scaremongering is off the charts with the media.

S2Killinit330d ago

The fearmongering might be legit when it cones to this because the fear is that these diseases tend to continue to mutate rapidly when they first jump species, which means they can potentially become worst. Therefore, prevention is important, thus the fearmongering.

angh330d ago

There is no 10pct death ratio on normal flu. If this will spread more then impact will be huge. And vaccination takes 2-5 years to develop, we might get 1 year if all countries contribute.

dietis_h330d ago

this is a very serious concern. i don't blame companies for backing out of this event.

TK-66330d ago

It's really not based on current information.

The actual reason for this is most likely due to travel insurance not covering things like this. You can't get insurance coverage for Corona.

doritos330d ago

The only official info is pure damage control. China says they are winning against the virus, but their actions paint a different story.

If they are winning, why the need to build dozens of new hospitals as fast as possible? If they are winning, why the need for 40 mobile incinerators?

Watch Italy and South Korea. Europe is already starting to lockdown Italy.

dietis_h330d ago

uh, no.

a virus that spreads from person to person is very serious. it's good to take precautions.

TK-66329d ago (Edited 329d ago )


Come back with evidence and not paranoia for the United States. Again we're not talking about China or Italy. However if you want to then I need details on what precautions you're taking. Have you begun living in isolation yet?

Please eject yourself from society for my personal satisfaction.


Then stay in your house and don't come out. Don't come to any shops or use physical currency. If you think this is so serious that we should be shutting down conventions then we need to begin a full lockdown.

So, you already been doing all that or were you talking complete shit? Actually maybe I'm giving you too much credit and you already live your life in permanent isolation, lol.

akaFullMetal330d ago

There is some very big concerns of this spreading and some people have been trying to handwave it off for some reason. If we can contain this before it gets everywhere we should do that. It's not like events don't happen every year or can be rescheduled.

sprinterboy330d ago

What I don't get though, is here in the UK and around the world is millions upon millions goto football matches (soccer) every Saturday, yet u don't see the FA or other sporting governing bodies cancelling any matches?
Football stadium's are smaller than gdc or pax etc and fans our in a more confined space in stadiums than a convention centre?

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