What’s the Toughest Gaming Challenge You’ve Overcome?

BY GROWN GAMING TEAM: We all play video games for different reasons. Some want to explore fantasy worlds, others want to live out their fantasies of lifting the WWE championship, while others want to complete puzzles of varying complexity. There is a wide spectrum of gamers who play games for too many different reasons to list and only a niche portion of those do so to be challenged to the point of delirium.

The infuriating truth is that some players who don’t want to get pulled into a Dark Souls-type nightmare end up finding themselves getting frustrated by video games that aren’t necessarily supposed to be rage-inducing. Whether that’s a cute Disney spin-off with shockingly poor controls or just insanely difficult bosses hidden in otherwise enjoyable games. It takes more than a little perseverance to overcome the challenges that they present.

We asked Grown Gaming’s team of adult gamers for the hardest gaming challenges that they’ve overcome in video games, whether that’s a boss, level, or game entirely. Here are their responses.

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SegaGamer520d ago

Getting all achievements on 10 second ninja.

isarai520d ago

Getting in a "gaming drought" where nothing out is catching your interest, and any game that does is far off rom release. So you start going through your backlog only to find you're still not having a good time. So you begin to second guess if you even like playing video games anymore, and it goes on for month so you start to wonder if you should just pack it up and find another hobby.

But you hold on for those few shimmers far on the horizon of games releasing WAY later in hopes that it will remind you why you fell in love with the hobby in the first place. But there's always that kernal of doubt scratching at the back of your mind saying "what if you get the game and you feel no different". Happens once every few years for me and i hate it. In fact thats where im at now since beating The Messenger a few months ago.

PsychoCrusher519d ago

Damn you have way too much time to think dude!

isarai519d ago

Not really, im working 65hrs a week aswell as renovating a newly bought house. Not much time for anything honestly. Only reason im able to be on here is i work security so it get lots of brief moments of downtime scattered throughout my shifts.

AK91519d ago

Yup been there dude but I find holding games for a bit then makes me miss it.

jambola520d ago

Platinum in Sonic Unleashed was pretty damn challenging

SegaGamer519d ago

The hot dog time trial missions were annoying, and the ones on Eggmanland were a pain in the ass. Completing the level in the right amount of time was easy enough, but doing it without dying was a much tougher ask. My heart was racing trying to do those missions because it's so long and has so many areas where it's easy to die. Doing it once is hard enough, but 3 times is hell.

jambola519d ago

Yeah I vividly remember tightrope walking along a pipe as werehog Sonic

KwietStorm_BLM519d ago

I don't know what the absolute top is but..just completing Chakan at all on Genesis was a success story in itself. That game still haunts me. Some others are unlocking the rocket launcher in Resident Evil, beating the Ares sequence on God Mode in God of War, platinum trophies in Demon's Souls and Killzone 2 on elite difficulty, all achievements in Dead Space 2, Big Boss emblem in MGS4, beating Nightmare on Dante Must Die mode in Devil May Cry.

JokerBoy422519d ago

Letting go of achievements. It was ruining my enjoyment of games when I cared more about getting achievements then the game itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.