Top 5 Relaxing Games Good for Mental Health

BY EMSA SMITH: Taking time out from the world and escaping into a different universe is OK: Gaming is a wonderful way to disappear from the daily grind and explore your imagination. Everyone finds different games relaxing, as some may switch off slaying zombies, whilst others can disconnect through tending their crops.

If you’re looking to shut away from the world for a few hours, here are some games you should consider playing

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winter_hill1011d ago

DOOM. Nothing like taking out swarms of demons with a shotgun and chainsaw to relieve your mental anguish.

1009d ago
jcblade1009d ago

Any games where you slowly work towards an objective are great for this, especially if they have a colorful aesthetic. Harvest Moon got me through some tough years in my teens.

b163o11009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

Lol, I've got Graveyard Keeper!!! I actually clicked on this to see if GyK made the list Llf...

Dope game, that has a dark side. I got it for a couple of bucks while on sale. I freaking love how deep this game is. Farming, Church, Dungeons, Alchemy, Cooking, Fishing, Mining, GraveKeeping, Surgeon and Sidequests. I definitely recommend this one...

1009d ago
HylianMigz1009d ago

a good turn based rpg with an auto battle mechanic

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