Five classic games that need to come back

We all know not every game franchise can live on perpetually. Let's look at five games that have vanished and, hopefully, nudging the universe in a direction that brings them back.

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fundy438d ago

Damn, general chaos brings me back

AK91438d ago

I heard Doug Tennepal recently released a comic book of Earthworm Jim, my wish maybe he can find an indie dev or creat a studio himself that could make another Earthworm Jim game but I'd personally want it in the retro style of the first two games.

Rebel_Scum438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

The Strike series needs to be rebooted. Vehicular games in general (excl. Arcade and Racing Sims & Kart style games) need more lovin.'

Renegade Ops was great but didn't quite scratch the itch a Strike game would.