Why Disney Hasn't Made An Indiana Jones Video Game

Here's why Disney might be avoiding a new Indiana Jones video game release in 2020, even with the Indiana Jones 5 movie on the horizon.

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THC CELL698d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Because tomb raider and uncharted would not be topped for this game.

Why don't someone make it in dreams

NecrumOddBoy697d ago

I would love to see a Tell Tale style Indiana Jones game. Perfect for the adventure title but with some interactive action scenes.

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porkChop697d ago

It doesn't have to top those games. And it doesn't have to be quite the same either. The modern Tomb Raiders are significantly different in feel and structure compared to Uncharted. There's no reason they couldn't do something different with Indiana Jones if they really wanted to.

Profchaos697d ago

The recent star wars game was incredibly polished if it was done in the same style then why not

porkChop697d ago

Fallen Order? Yeah, I could see that. Metroidvania with platforming, lots of puzzles, exploration, etc.

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3-4-5697d ago

A Tomb raider / uncharted style game with the graphics / art style and skill and assets Disney has would make an awesome next gen Indian Jones style game.

It would 100% have to be an original story though.

Godmars290696d ago

Only Disney doesn't have any game related skills or assets. Not directly.

And then that's EA who have had to be browbeaten, multiple times, to put out something like Fallen Order.

AnubisG697d ago

I think it could be done if they take it to a different direction a bit. Make it more about exploration, plarforming, treasure hunting rsther the murdering hundereds or thousands.

The 10th Rider697d ago

What would be cool is if there were different treasures you could hunt down. There would be clues and tips you can find, or buy, and they would lead you to new locations and levels to beat. That would be pretty awesome.

EverydayJoe697d ago

I loved the IJ game on PS2. The sound was fantastic. The punches and whip cracks were right out of the original 3 films.

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lelo2play697d ago

Disney have so many IP's, they don't know what to do with most of them...

Tekken66634697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Aladin and Gargoyles were my favorite games from Disney back in the day.

Garethvk697d ago

They do not make major games. They farm them out to other companies. I am sure the market for an Indy game is fairly cold or they would have done it. They are likely hoping the next film is a hit so when it starts production they can market it.

Urrakia34697d ago

If the market for an Indiana Jones game is cold, what exactly makes Disney think the masses are clamoring for a movie sequel? I'm willing to bet plenty of gamers would be curious and interested enough if they announced a proper Indy game. Guerilla Games or Insomniac come to mind as ideal devs...

Garethvk697d ago

The tone on a new movie is wait and see actually. They purchased the rights and figure they have one more with Ford before they have to look at the Spin Off to recasting route and figured it was a good way to see what the interest is.

Urrakia34697d ago

Hmm fair enough. I just always figured the Indy movies were done with and interest would be low after the disappointment of the last one. However, I actually like the idea of a spinoff or continuation into modern day with a new cast.

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william_cade697d ago

Indiana Jones is my favorite out of all of the Lucas Films stuff and definitely my favorite out of Disney's stuff.

People will shout Tomb Raider and Uncharted (excellent games), but I think an Indiana Jones game set in WW2 era, whether it be Europe or Latin America, would definitely be worth exploring.

Kurt Russell696d ago

Indy and the Emperors Tomb was a good play through last gen. Good punch up system at the time :)

william_cade696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

A remake of that would be awesome.

gangsta_red697d ago

A new Maniac Mansion would also be awesome.

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