Amazon Open Pre-Orders For Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

For everyone wanting to get their hands on the recently announced Nintendo Switch Lite Coral, we have good news; Amazon has finally opened pre-orders for the new system.

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KnightNumber86477d ago

Anyone hear if this model will lose the drift issue?

luckytrouble477d ago

Nintendo has yet to commit to changing out the stick parts that lead to drift.

phoenixwing476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

I bought a switch lite even with the drift issue being a possibility. I did this because i bought a stand and 8bitdo usb adapter that makes my ps4 controller work with it. I figure if drifting shows up i can just play on my ds4 no problems.

Edit: I will say it is kind of crummy the money i had to spend just to circumvent the issue with joycon drift that nintendo should have addressed a long time ago.

Neonridr476d ago

I mean I haven't heard a bunch of people really going on about drift. I got my kid the Pokemon Sword / Shield Lite for Xmas and so far so good and he isn't exactly easy on the buttons and sticks.