Xbox Series X: 10 games likely coming at launch in 2020 (or shortly after)

App Trigger: "2020 will see the release of the next Xbox generation and brand new games alongside it. Here are some games we believe will be Xbox Series X launch titles."

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Kumakai272d ago

forza 8 over forza horizon 5 imo. it will be a showcase as is always the case for an xbox launch aside from the original. They've also already been plugging the tech behind it.
Also - flight simulator 2020, Fable, Tell Me Why and a few more (that i know about and can mention)

medman271d ago

I'm more excited for this generation of consoles than I have been for a launch in a very long time, probably not since ps3 xbox 360. The cpu advancement in particular has me anticipating the possibilities devs will now have. The one thing that's missing so far is the same anticipation of games that the 360 ps3 gen like Gears of War, Mass Effect, Modern me, those were revolutionary when I saw and heard about them.

So far, nothing similar on the horizon, but considering the consoles haven't even officially been revealed yet, I still have hope on that games front. The Halo Infinite showing didn't do much for me. Hellblade looks promising, but the rest have been just kind of ok, with the limited amount we've seen. I hope to be blown away when we finally do see some of what devs have been working on, and seeing more of what will be possible gameplay wise for the new hardware.