OXCGN: Legendary Review - Opening Pandora's Box

OXCGN writes:

"Not every game needs to be new and innovative to be fun, but it does need to get what it does do right. In another spot in the game a calendar displays a cutesy kitten with big eyes and the words "Don't be a sourpuss" written on it. To me it seems like a desperate plea from the game-maker to the gameplayer, but unfortunately Spark has again left a sour taste in my mouth after another round of its well conceived but poorly executed games."

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Immortal Kaim3624d ago

Oh, this game doesn't look so great. Unfortunately it isn't such a bad concept, it just wasn't pulled off effectively.

gaminoz3624d ago

I wish the person who comes up with the good ideas for Spark would get hired by a bigger studio with more resources...maybe they could have made Turning Point and Legendary into good games?

Immortal Kaim3624d ago

Good point, so you see the actual studio as the ones holding back the creative developers?

gaminoz3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Well most tend to agree that the concepts are good and there are some good moments but the overall game is bogged in poor design and a last-gen feel.

I think Spark is too small or lacks the talent pool to make AAA games. If Ubisoft or EA had someone come up with these ideas they would have whole concept teams work things out and huge numbers of programmers to make it work. I don't know how big Spark is or how much Atari puts into their games, but they just lack polish and seem to lack skill.

Again the games COULD have been great, but obviously there were too many limitations.

It's sad in some ways, but we expect more these days and that means that games have to meet a high standard that is hard for smaller teams.

XboxOZ3603624d ago

It's a shame, as many of the early vids and info was pointing to a good game. It got 3.5 at GameSpot . .. which is around the same mark.

darkmurder3624d ago

Well at least that makes my bank account that much higher, was thinking of getting this, seems I'd better not.