The Final Fantasy VII Remake: 4 Questions That Keep Me From Getting Too Excited

Like a lot of people, I was thrilled to see the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement. Yet, as the release date gets closer and closer, I have a couple of nagging thoughts about the game that are keeping me from getting too hyped.

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Iamnothuman1243d ago

Whether they finish it or not?

Atom66643d ago


I suspect they do complete it, but I question how long it will take. I also fear that the last part will feel rushed and unfinished if they take too long between releases and start getting pressured to wrap it up.

NecrumOddBoy43d ago

Half the game is Disc 1. I have no clue what the hell their plan is. They should just charge $60 for all current and future parts. And I truly wonder if they will ever finish this.

jeromeface43d ago

FF7 was 3 disks, not 2 @necrumoddboy. Disk 1 was roughly 10-12 hours depending on how fast you were.

l33t_haxx0r43d ago

@jeromeface he is correct half of the game was disc 1, the rest was disc 2 and disc 3 basically just stored the rest of the cut scenes for the final bit. you are forgetting that the original discs had limited space, most of the other discs alot was just copy paste assets

VTKC42d ago

Do you think there's enough time? You know because PS4 ain't getting any younger.

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Elda43d ago

That pic of Cloud is funny as hell.

SegaSaturn66943d ago

I'm sure someone will complete the trilogy in Dreams. Just save the money.

Enturax42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Lmao, not sure if trolling, but I'll bite anyway:

It took some person 9 months to recreate a demo stage for Fallout 4 remake in dreams. And not even with all the functions the original has. And not even with a comparable graphics' quality either (even though the original game wasn't too pretty, to begin with).

AK9143d ago

Well the decision to make the series episodic next the right choice? I can kind of understand making the entire game at once might not even be possible to make until the end of the PS5 life cycle but I hope the.

It worked for Hitman (2016) but that was cheaper and smaller content making a AAA game an episodic release is a brave and dangerous thing.

FinalFantasyFanatic43d ago

I think it's more of a cost issue, FF7 and a lot of older JRPGs are huge compared to newer JRPGs, so I can understand if they have to split it up to recoup some of the costs during development. Although it's lunacy to think it won't sell, FF always sells like hotcakes (by extension, you could say KH as well), even when the games are trash or lackluster, it sells reasonably well. I think mis-management of the project (cost/time/ect...) is the biggest fear here.

AK9143d ago

It depends on the game sales I know part 1 will sell like crazy due to it being the first entry but if sales slow down during the part 2 they might cancel the project altogether.

Vegamyster42d ago

It depends on how they handle things, from the looks of it they're going to be expanding on characters like Jesse, Biggs and Wedge along with a few new guys/events that weren't in the original like the potential battle with the SOLDIER guy on the motorcycle ect. If it's a 40 hour re-imagining of Disk 1 then I'm fine with that, if its the same length as the original (15-25 hours) and pretty much the same story just with a couple tweaks then not so much.

formanbradley43d ago

How many parts is this going to be? If it's more than three, then they are to blame for being morons. They aren't allowed to complain that the game is too big, when they are ADDING NEW STUFF. We never asked for that.

Skywalker33343d ago

The excuse that the game was too big is ludicrous. we have seen many massive games being released these years.
The real reason is what happened behind the Hobbit film trilogy, greed. They are simply trying to milk this as much as possible knowing people adore this game.

jeromeface43d ago

They are adding "stuff" to try to justify breaking it up into several parts. (Which might end up being milking) We'll see, but I agree. We never asked for it.

Rebel_Scum43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The number of mini games this thing had with different mechanics. Alright they could just punch in the numbers but the bar is higher for mechanics these days. I really dont think they could just simply do some of them as basic as they were and get away with it.

Its possible they’re making more competent mechanics for all of the mini games. Which would take a lot of time and effort from planning, development to testing.

I doubt its new content that is the sole reason its being broken up into different parts.

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The story is too old to be commented.