Having the Yakuza Saga on One Console is the Best Thing to Happen This Generation

With the release of the Yakuza 5 remaster, the entire story of Kazamu Kiryu is finally available on one console generation. You should really play it.

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OpenGL647d ago

I bought the remaster set to finish up my Yakuza collection.

CrimsonWing69647d ago

This series is just an absolute joy to play. I’m glad it’s out on Xbone since I have friends that are brand loyalists and now they’ve said they’ll check out Yakuza 0 on Game Pass.

I just hope one day it’ll be a series that just clicks kind of like Persona 5 and Nier did. I’m really looking forward to this new one, especially since I’m a fan of turn-based RPGs. The only thing that kills me about these games is how difficult they are to platinum.

GrizToof647d ago

Agreed. Now, if we could get all those cool looking spin offs localized for us English speaking folk I could die happy.

franwex647d ago

Yep. Similar how the entire Metal Gear Solid Saga is playable on the PS3 (except Portable ops I suppose).

neomahi646d ago

Uh... GTA, what about Shenmue? A SEGA game anyway?