Streets of Rage's 5th Playable Character Will Be Revealed Next Week.

A shadowy figure with a metallic arm looks to be Streets of Rage 4’s next playable protagonist.

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ZeekQuattro39d ago

Jax. It's Jax right? Lol Zan was a good character though I preferred Max the wrestler from SOR 2. Anyway this game can't come out soon enough. It feels like it's taking forever.

MWH39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I doubt Zan is still alive, Cyborg yes but he was old and even if his body still function his organic parts won't.. unless of course he transfered his conscious into a full robotic body etc.. who knows, he might show up in some way or form.

Max; i don't know, this character didn't stick to be honest.

I think they should have a new character, we already secured the important ones so let's have some new imaginative faces.

39d ago
Acecalibur39d ago

Where is Max? And how long have they been working on this game? Jesus.

babadivad39d ago

Max was an absolute ANIMAL until you got to the level on the beach with the Thai Boxers and Robots with the spiked ball.

His grabs did an ungodly ammout of damage.

Jsm89k39d ago

How bout they finish the game already Jesus christ its been 84 years

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