Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle (NS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "If you count yourself among the Technōs Japan fanbase, the Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle is right up your alley. Featuring three Double Dragon brawlers and 15 Kunio-kun titles—many localized into English for the first time ever—it's a treat for followers of Kunio, Rikki, and Billy and Jimmy Lee, and a great way for casual fans to see the larger franchise behind NES classics like River City Ransom and Super Dodge Ball. Several of the games are repeats and a few have aged poorly, but online multiplayer support, bug fixes, save state options, achievements, and unlockable avatars help gussy up the overall collection."

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