Spider-Man Developer, Insomniac Games, Shares a Tour of Its Newly Redesigned Studio

Today, Insomniac Games has uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel that takes viewers on a tour of its newly redesigned studio.

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CanadianTurtle47d ago

I know it'll never happen, but I would kill to see Resistance 4. They were seriously considering developing it at one point during the late stages of Resistance 3's development cycle. But after the low sales of R3, all plans for a sequel vanished. It's a damn shame. It's my favourite game series of all time. I deeply miss it.

b163o147d ago

Bruh, one question that I have about the PS5 and its backwards compatibility is will be able to go back and not just play those classic's but will we be able to play the MP as well.
Resistance 1,2,3
KZ 2,3

Majin-vegeta47d ago

Sadly doubt it.MP servees werre shut down :/

Harkins172147d ago

Let's go Ratchet and Clank 2!!!

greysun12347d ago

They’re totally making spider 2

jarviee9047d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Insomniac is great but their highest scoring game was an 87 and was basically a weaker version of the Arkham games.
They're not on the same level as Respawn, Obsidian, Rocksteady, Playground, ID Software, Platinum etc all of whom have multiple higher scoring games

I would say Insomniac is a level below, on the same level as Crystal Dynamics and Remedy

However they're definitely a level above low tier studios like Bend and Sucker Punch.

mkis00746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Wrong, Insomniac has 2 Ratchet and Clank games above 90. They have a higher average score than many of the studios you mentioned as above them. highest score 89. Average 77 highest score 91. Average 78

You Failed as a troll because you were too specific.

Atticus_finch46d ago

And is this the voices in your head saying this.

Edito46d ago

I would love to see them develop another resistance with guerrilla help...