Ghost of Tsushima made in Dreams on PS4

Dreams has just arrived on PS4 and is already becoming the dream tool for many video game enthusiasts and to replicate other video games.

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TeamIcoFan39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Just saying "Holy shit!" doesn't do this video justice.

naruga39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

as others said n N4g , i m a bit annoyed about this ...Dreams is an extremely potential and wonderful tool to use , why they spend hours and effort for making just a copy of an already existed game??? ....all these workhours could have developed and incredible little game..... ...the copy demo is incredible but would have been even better if it was form a future project

ilikestuff39d ago

Naruga I agree,
There are waaaay to many remakes it’s a shame really.
This person did a great job though

Moe-Gunz39d ago

People remake other things to learn the tools better and get attention on themselves.

KyRo39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Naruga a lot of people start off creating games that already exist to get used to the tools. Having a already developed character, world and story made is half of the work already done for you. It's a template. These people making homages to their favourite games today will be making incredible original games before you know it.

There's already some incredible games on dreams and it's still early days. People are finding new techniques to create new effects every day.


@naruga More likely than not, Sony is using Dreams to scout for talented developers.

bouzebbal39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Like it or not this tool is unprecedented.. Game just came out a week ago and this is done by one person..
Just think about it, games take years to come out and what was achieved in one week is mind-blowing..

You are so negative everytime I hope you aren't like this in your everyday life

fr0sty39d ago

It's been out a lot longer than a week, chances are this person was in on the early access beta like I was and has been playing it for months. Dreams is easy, but not "Remake Ghosts of Tsushima in a week" easy.

drizzom39d ago


Just like the other things remade in Dreams, its probably a publicity stunt.

rainslacker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Maybe they're just practicing with the tools, and using a known property gives them a good base direction to work for. New creations can be directionless, even if you plan them out, because as you're working on them, you keep thinking of new things, or finding things that don't work.

There are a lot of things on there that aren't remakes as well. The remakes get posted on websites because people are familiar with them, so they draw more clicks.

IamTylerDurden139d ago

There aren't too many remakes.

If u had the game you would see that there are thousands of fantastic original projects as well.

Remakes are necessary as to advertise and show ppl the potential of the toolset.

fr0sty39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

When I started playing music, I didn't pick up an instrument and start writing my own songs immediately. I learned how to play songs I had heard before on the instrument to get familiar with it before I ever attempted to write a song. The same applies in game development, many people feel more comfortable learning the tools on a familiar concept before they strike out on their own and make something unique.

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abstractel39d ago

People should do what inspires them and makes them psyched. If that is a remake, that's fine in my book. As a kid I used to draw images and try to come as close as I could do the reference. This taught me a great deal and then I started doing my own drawings/creations.

IamTylerDurden139d ago

Truly awesome.

Dreams is my personal Game of the Year atm. Media Molecule has done it again.

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thatguyhayat39d ago

Dreams needs to be the game of the decade no joke. This looks amazing as hell.

b163o139d ago

IDK about the decade, the game is good AsFuK, and its definitely got legs to last. I'm amazed at what I've found that hasn't made the internet, it's some truly talented people out there...

39d ago
Godmars29039d ago

Its certain to have it own sub-genre on the PS4/PS5. Be a console within the console. Much like LBP before it.

KyRo39d ago

Dreams could be Sony's answer to Minecraft. I know this will get downvoted because I'm a Sony loyalist too and want exclusives to stay exclusive to a console but if I was Sony, I would seriously consider porting this to PC and even maybe Xbox. They'd make a killing from it.

Godmars29039d ago

Dreams will only be as popular as LBP. Maybe. Depending on what's done with it in terms of social media. Someone uses it as a platform for a Youtube show. Imagine a 3D Hazbin Hotel-like tribute show.

PC maybe, but Xbox? The only real reason Minecraft is on the PS4 is that it was already on the system when MS bought Mojang.

UnSelf39d ago

The game hasnt even dropped yet. In a year somebody gonna make....

The_Sage39d ago

The game is out. I have it. And it's amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.