Media Molyneux - Episode 310 — Gaming Podcast

This week in the news- Super Mario Bros. 3 is the big three oh, PS5 backwards compatibility will run "almost all" PS4 games, OG Tecmo Bowl comes to PS4 and Switch, Bandai launches a NEW Pac-Man Tamagotchi to celebrate the yellow circles 40th anniversary, Nintendo adds MORE games to SNES an

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Orionsangel40d ago

In Fable II you can get married, have kids and grow old together. You can have a puppy and raise the dog. The dog is the most advanced AI ever seen.

Remember that year Molyneux hyped the crap out of that game. By the time the launch came around we thought we were getting the most advanced game ever made by human beings. lol!

NeoGamer23240d ago

I didn't buy the hype at all. To me, Molyneaux is a dreamer rather then a visionary.

Dreamers just have dreams and tell people about what they are and what can maybe eventually be.

Visionaries take dreams and make them realities. God of War, Halo, Mario, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Street Fighter, Last of Us, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, Sonic, etc. are all examples of visionary games.