Square Enix Announces PAX EAST 2020 Lineup

SQUARE ENIX revealed today plans for an action-packed PAX East 2020 with playable demos, developer panels, exclusive promotions, special events and much more taking place throughout the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from February 27-March 1.

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Christopher46d ago

"We will be cancelling the on-stage panel session due to the absence of the staff members who were scheduled to attend. However, we will be hosting a livestream live from Japan (in English & Japanese) that our fans can view on Saturday, February 29 at 8:00 PM ET on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel."

Take note, Sony. This is how you handle this situation. Even if you are concerned, you make sure your fans still get what was expected in some way or form when possible.

Spenok44d ago

Yep, because Sony are the only ones doing this. Your bias is showing.

While I agree, perhaps Sony wasn't prepared? Perhaps they're just looking to save money. Perhaps they're planning something bigger/better? But, perhaps, none of those is true.

In any case, let's put negative views on EVERYONE who is doing things like these rather than just one company yeah?

Christopher44d ago

Why should i be negative towards companies only partially cancelling and even for the parts that they cancel providing an online backup of the event where possible?