Google is disappointing the Stadia community

Google's focus on the future is letting down Stadia players today.

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jambola46d ago

To be fair
they bought it despite everyone (for the most part) being able to see it wasn't worth it
It's like being disappointed by EA, you kinda hve it coming

DG9046d ago

The typical bashing of EA is old & boring. Hoping they continue the run of form they started with Fallen Order.

bouzebbal46d ago

Stadia community is a group of pigeons.. The thing was doa they still decided to buy it..

jambola46d ago

I hope so too
but they're bashed because they deserve it

SinkingSage46d ago

@bouzebbal pigeons are smarter than that

Nerdmaster45d ago

So after a slightly good game you forgive all the years of abuse, lies and deceptions? Gee, it sounds as you're in an abusive relationship.

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Tross45d ago

Shhh...the Stadia community will hear none of your logic. That shows too much conscious thought.

HurstDarkStar45d ago

Some people look for positivity in places wheres little to be had.

rainslacker45d ago

Stadia community is made up of mostly journalists and silicon valley tech junkies who dont know any better. The tech junkies have already moved on, and the journalists have a hard time admitting their all glorious future they keep writing about may not actually be a thing

Zeref45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

EA doesn't disappoint all the time. Most battlefield games are great and even battlefront got better with time.
And there's Fallen Order and Apex Legends.

The only games that disappoints every year without fail are their sports games.

jambola45d ago

That's if you only look at the game
if you look at what's in the game and the thing they do, that's the problem
remember mass effect andromeda? anthem?
or "they're not lootboxes, they're surprise mechanics"

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Nyxus46d ago

There's a Stadia community?

MasterCornholio46d ago

There's a couple that support the platform on this site. You rarely seem them though ever since the service flopped.

Notellin46d ago

Yeah I used to go and comment on their posts to make sure no one believed the lies. I played Stadia on my gigabit internet and had a miserable experience.

I kept internet logs and input lag times down to the frame to prove just how bad the experience is for the user. At least I get the last laugh or something.

Muzikguy46d ago

I was thinking the same. If there is, I don't feel sorry for them if Google leaves them high and dry.

DarXyde46d ago

Hey, all six of those lads are decent people.

thorstein45d ago

They were thinking of pairing with the Ouya community and doubling in size.

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RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"Stadia's 4K capability is limited to TVs only, and the games that Google made the most noise about -- namely Red Dead Redemption 2 and Destiny 2 -- don't actually play in 4K. Google didn't make this distinction clear; players and critics had to figure out which titles actually supported 4K on their own."

Lies and deception, basically. Google, imo, is becoming more and more just an untrustworthy company overall.

"Before anything else, cloud gamers just want to play and forget they're streaming."

You'd have to play streamed games exclusively and never play locally for that to happen. Ignorance is bliss.

TheEnigma31346d ago

Stadia never had a community only drones who believed this was a good idea.

AnubisG46d ago

Just die already stadia along with all streaming services.

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