Tekken 7 Celebrates 5 Million Copies Sold With Updated Character Artwork

Tekken 7 just keeps selling. Surpassing everyone's expectations, including Bandai Namco's, the fighter has maintained a very healthy competitive scene since it launched on consoles back in 2017, and its good reputation has kept those sales figures ticking along nicely.

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Kribwalker46d ago

I never expected Tekken to beat SF5 in sales, but it’s killing it. Capcom left a lot of money on the table making SF5 exclusive, that’s for sure

gangsta_red46d ago

Tekken has gotten a lot better to watch in tournaments than SFV. It's a shame but SFV was just not exciting and catered too much to casuals unlike Tekken

PhoenixUp46d ago

We’ve known Tekken 7 sold better than Street Fighter 5 for a long time now. Why you acting like it’s some new discovery

PhoenixUp46d ago

Yes. Haven’t you paid attention to Namco and Capcom revealing sales for their latest games?

Street Fighter 5 just passed over 4 million recently while Tekken 7 already did so last year

gangsta_red46d ago

"Haven’t you paid attention to Namco and Capcom revealing sales for their latest games?"

No I haven't, and if I did see it, I forgot, either way this is definitely news for me

Kribwalker46d ago

i never saw that. The recent capcom reports and then the subsequent namco reports made me realize this

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SickSinceSix46d ago

Above Heihachi sitting at the table

VTKC46d ago

No chance of a game of the year edition for us cheap skate old fashioned gamers then?

SickSinceSix45d ago

Still one more dlc fighter to come out, then maybe. Unless they're planning for a Season pass 4,

AK9146d ago

Congrats Bandai Namco.