For Stadia to become a force in gaming it needs cross-play

Google Stadia may, or may not, be a roaring success, but to keep any kind of momentum it will need to have cross-play really soon.

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Thundercat7745d ago

Stadia is not a success and in order to be a force in gaming, it needs way more than cross play.

drpepperdude45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

As far as streaming services go I think Stadia is the worst option compared to Sony, Microsoft, and Nvidia. All three of the others let you stream your existing library's and if you don't want to stream anymore you can use those same library's on dedicated hardware. Nvidia I think is currently setup the best with regards to using existing games you own and the hardware they have setup to run them (As long as they can get more publishers on board).

But regardless I see streaming at its best being a companion to existing library's of games without them being restricted to streaming only. I can't imagine purchasing games for Stadia that will only ever be playable through streaming. Of course gamepass like streaming services where you pay monthly without owning anything is also something I can imagine being a better streaming model than Stadia.

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RazzerRedux45d ago

Pretty bad when Stadia users are having to beg for folks to play with from other platforms.

jznrpg45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It needs no data caps cheaper games and less input lag and a lot more games

3-4-545d ago

It is not a almost doesn't's a nothing....It can't compete how it wants to unless internet companies increase their speeds on average by 10-20x current speeds.

Stadia is a dumb idea put forth by people who know nothing about video games.....a bunch of arrogant douche's who think they know better than everyone + dumb shareholder ideas.

It's the stupidest idea in gaming.

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