Phoenix Games reviews The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

This addition to the hugely popular Spyro franchise, The Eternal Night continues were "A New Beginning" left off. A new villain, Gaul the Ape King, now threatens our hero and is going to resurrect the Dark Master on the Night of Eternal Darkness. You must battle your way through challenging levels and defeat the usually Spyro enemies to reach the Ape King and prevent the resurrection.

Phoenix Games sat down to play this one, expecting to play a good game (Spyro games usually are) but was presented with something else. This game wasn't good at all. First, the controls of Spyro are flawed. Many times the double jump doesn't work and Spyro falls to his death and you must replay that area all over again. Just your average jump and glide can be difficult to execute.

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