Study reminds us why we're always fixing our parents' PCs

Ars Technica writes, "No matter how into gadgets and hardware we are, we're all forced to face a cold truth every once in a while: our PCs and gadgets sometimes break. What's important, however, is how often it happens and how easy (or difficult, as the case may be) it is for us to remedy the problem. According to survey results from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Americans tend to have the most frequent problems when it comes to their Internet connections, home PCs, and cell phones, and often find themselves confused about how to fix them.

According to Pew, almost half of adults said they needed someone to help them set up or learn how to use their gadgets. Once they finally get them going, however, things aren't all smooth sailing-44 percent of adults with home Internet connections reported service failure sometime in the last 12 months. Similarly, 39 percent of those with home PCs or laptops, 29 percent of cell phone users, and 26 percent of those with BlackBerrys, Palm Pilots, or other PDAs said their devices stopped working sometime in the last year. Apparently, the most resilient gadget included in Pew's survey was the iPod/MP3 player-only 15 percent of those surveyed reported problems over the last year."

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JonahNL3649d ago

Don't get me started... >.> If I didn't know better, I'd say my mom's playing stupid sometimes. Damn, she once forbid me to buy a webcam because she thought there might be a virus on it... I LOL'd so hard she got pissed off and send me to my room! xD Fortunately that's a long time ago and she now knows that most things are safe and won't end the world! =P

But seriously, most parents don't know **** about computers! Still, my mom starts to panic already when she gets a message that new updates for her laptop are ready... >.< Unbelievable...

The Matrix3648d ago

Yeah but I actually don't mind fixing my parent's computer. After all, they took care of me and provided for me and I think I can do this one thing for them after the million things they've done for me.

Hellsvacancy3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Im forever havin to go to his house to remove a Trojan virus or a bad bit of Spyware, its not his fault he doesnt know much about Pcs but every year he buys the lastest edition of Norton Internet security and when he gets a virus on his computer he'll say "I f-ing-well payed £30 for this program so y am i still gettin viruses on my computer"

Its even worse when im telling him wot to type but it takes him 10mins to find the keys on the keyboard or if i tell him to through My computer and access his C. drive or summin as simple as that is an impossibility for him

The excuse i get is "im form a different generation to u"

Hes got better he started sending emails and things like that now,

Bolts3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

And still doesn't know a damn thing about computers. He get confused about firewall messages and virus alerts all the time, he's also prone to being phished and since he love to "update" his account LOL!! If I didn't live 14 miles away he would be totally screwed sometimes. But then again if he didn't live 14 miles away I wouldn't have anyone to fix my car.