CD Projekt’s market valuation hits $8 billion

By way of comparison, European games industry heavyweight Ubisoft’s current market valuation is $9.8 billion.

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41d ago Replies(3)
masterfox40d ago

they need to have more IP's

xTonyMontana40d ago

That's what they are doing with Cyberpunk. It takes time to create amazing games, they are doing everything the right way imho.

40d ago
BrainSyphoned40d ago

Smells like micro transactions were approved with that value.

Father__Merrin40d ago

Massively overvalued I'd say the GOG storefront is a billion easily as it works and is here to stay, about the Witcher games won't be over .5 billion so worth should be around 1.5billion

Hungryalpaca39d ago

That’s not how it works...

WalkerFTW39d ago

Of course it does. Most market valuations are done by a random internet person pulling numbers out of their ass with absolutely no knowledge on the matter whatsoever. /s

40d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.