God of War Artist Reimagines Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

BY JOHN SANTINA: If the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has got you wanting more of the famous blue speedy Erinaceinae, good news! Raf Grassetti, an artist behind the latest God of War game, has reimagined some of the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog – and they’re great!

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Petebloodyonion820d ago

Always love it when an artist from a famous franchise tries a take on characters from another one!

bouzebbal820d ago

Glad he isn't working on sonic.. Yikes

XisThatKid819d ago

I don't know why people are complaining about this is great. I love when artist acknowledge other projects especially in respect.
My biggest qualm is Tails looks a bit on the pudgy side he still looks good but this is all pretty fn dope

bouzebbal819d ago


I respect your opinion. Being an all time sonic fan, I don't think these arts look good.. I mean they are realistic but not good looking.
I prefer by far the good old style

819d ago
Stopac819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

He’s definitely skilled but he missed the mark on some things. Most notably knuckles wears boxing gloves, except in that god forsaken boom series (well the cartoon was kinda funny), in all the games. It’s like his iconic look. Don’t get me wrong other than that he looks great!

He’s got that nice movie look going for it, haven’t seen the movie yet but I think knux and tails aren’t in it.

819d ago
brrdat819d ago

imagine missing the point of a reimagined character.

Xb1ps4819d ago

Ummmm... its “reimagined”?! In other words it’s his take on the character, in other other words it’s his version of the characters?!

Stopac819d ago

The hell? Did you guys read my full comment or did you read like the first sentence and then raged?

I pointed out traits that were great and what it had going for it. I mentioned one thing, ONE THING, that I thought was true to the spirit of the character as just something that could be improved on like everyone does when they interpret art. If you don't agree with me, fine, but don't write off my comment like I don't get the point here. No need to be dismissive.

When you share art, you're open to subjective appreciation and conversation. That's the whole point of sharing your work.

And I still stand by the fact that I think this is a great recreation of knuckles and tails.

jivah819d ago

spoiler tails comes in after credits

XisThatKid819d ago

Tails is in an end credits scene and there are echidna characters in the beginning and they look kinda like this. Movie really isn't bad and oh well for anyone else, spoilers....

ShadowWolf712819d ago

...are you seriously trying to say the style of GLOVES is something needed to be "true to the spirit of the character"?

Stopac819d ago

I'm saying something that could have been improved upon, if there was anything. In no way did I ever say it failed like you guys getting triggered over. I think its pretty great rendition either way.

Down vote me into hell I'll stand by my comments and spoilers are a dick move, glad to know the age range of people I'm talking to (i get you're being asinine to me specifically but do you think I'm the only one that can see your comments?). Done with this conversation.

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1Victor820d ago

That knuckles look good enough to belongs in the movie sequel

curtain_swoosh820d ago

omg tails looks so damn cute haha
and knuckles mighty cool xD

820d ago
Teflon02820d ago

They said in the article tails looks a bit weird but they need to remember Tail's is a little kid compared to them so that's perfect if you really think about it. I think he needs to do designs for the next movie

Xb1ps4819d ago

I did get the little kid vibe.. I think it’s the little popped belly though compared to the slimmer others that throws it off a bit.

babadivad819d ago

Nah, Tails looks weird af. Sonic and knuckles look great, they dropped the ball on Tails.

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