Memories from Sony’s PS4 reveal, 7 years ago today

Seven years ago today in a windswept, absolutely-bloody-freezing New York City, hundreds of the world’s press assembled to see some men talk about a PlayStation.

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DigitallyAfflicted45d ago

Good old days when gaming was about games not the internet speed 🤣

RosweeSon45d ago

Got me on board day1. “We’ve been speaking to devs getting them on board and making them a system they happy to make games for” I’m In! Sold it to me day1 Games games and games. Oh and free ones with ps+ membership from day1 not 5-6 months after launch after caving into public demand 🤔😏🥴 29335;🏻‍♂️😂 8540;

Imortus_san45d ago

I already have memories of when Sony Attended E3, GDC, and others.

AK9145d ago

7 Years jesus time flies, Shawn Layden and Andrew House were still apart of Sony then and I think so was Jack Tretton (though I could be wrong about that).

UnholyLight44d ago

Pretty sure you are right !


Announcement delayed till spring 2021. 2021.

RosweeSon42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I’d still wait over an Xbox, especially Xbox isn’t doing any exclusives for their next generation until at least then.

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