Loot Ninja Review: Gears of War 2

Loot Ninja writes:

"There are few games that define a genre and even fewer games that can define a generation. Fanboy or not, you have to respect the Gears of War series as the latter. Gears of War, when released, wowed gamers to what was now possible with graphics engines and now Gears 2 has set the bar just a little higher. Nevertheless, we expected the game to look great, the question lies in the game play. Is Gears 2 a standalone killer app or just really Gears 1.5?"

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fufotrufo3649d ago

Gears 1.5 my ass

Haters owned!

drunkpandas3649d ago

The game is very solid. Horde is immensely fun. Hopefully Epic fixes the bugs and matchmaking issues fairly quickly.

BlackTar1873649d ago

I ask because I couldn't get past lvl 8 without it disco. from the game so I have yet to play above that but I was so bored with the horder mode unless I hear otherwise(Some friends i have agree with me)that it rocks after 15 or 20 or something Im not going back it was to slow and rep. and not hard at all(I know lvl 8 of 50=not hard) but the set up and the locations are easy fortfied is what im talking about does anything really makes you sweat( I hope so) why i love Left 4 dead that chaotic fight for you life feel is what I was looking for and as of lvl 8 I didn't find anything close to it yet

BlackTar1873649d ago

I like the game and Im not having problems getting thru it.It is def. not a issue of being to diffucult. But I only play on hard in all games to make it last longer but I cant seem to think that i would enjoy gears more on normal or easy. I find myself getting bored or kinda irratated at how many times I shoot a bad guy in the head or how many times I shoot a bad guy in general before he dies or drops. now this int a knock on gears more or less just a complaint I ahve with my prefrences on games. Does anyone else feel this way?

dubbalubagis3649d ago

I think it has to do with how large the reticule is in Gears. It's not like Halo where you can plant small, specific shots into a body or head.

It still only takes two well placed shotgun blasts to down somebody in Gears. Just have to get used to it.

BlackTar1873649d ago

I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way. great game no doubt I have no issues with that I just couldnt see myself playing it a second time on impossible or whatever its called on this game. like I said i wasnt bashing gears since I do indeed like it just not one of those games Im going to bring up in any best games conversationa nd all but hell Tencu 1 is oneof my favorite games and its not in any best games talks so it doesnt really matter to me.

GiantEnemyCrab3649d ago

Gears 2 is amazing! Best TPS this gen.