Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition out now for Switch

Fifteen years after its initial release, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition launches today on Nintendo Switch with new features.

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Interloper1575d ago

I'm so torn between this, Darksiders and Bayonetta! X_X


Two Devil May Cry games delisted on Steam

Two Devil May Cry games have been delisted on Steam. As shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Wario64, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 4 are no longer available to purchase.

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Chocoburger133d ago

Bless the adorably all digital future! When it comes to PC games its not as big of an issue because there should always be another way to access single player games, but still, I hate to see anything get delisted.

Aaroncls7133d ago

Well, DMC4 special edition has a lot of issues to run from Steam.
I have to get a modded executable to even be able to run the game on Windows 10.
Not sure if it is because the game runs in DirectX10 or what, but it sucks they have not even tried to fix it.

Sephiroushin132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

DMC4 Special Edition is not delisted, it was just the standard version, it has nothing to do with issues of performance or anything alike. Its just that Capcom probably do not want to sell the standard version, neither the standalone DMC3 version.


Devil May Cry 3: Special edition - Switch review (Sector)

With classic addictive gameplay and the addition of Freestyle Mode and local co-op mode in Bloody palace, Devil May Cry 3 stands out as the most valuable addition of the franchise to Nintendo Switch.

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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Is the Best It's Ever Been On Switch

The Switch version of Capcom's Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition may be the most improved remaster of a video game released to date.