Spore Developer Goes to Bat for Used Game Merchants

Kombo writes, "It is a widely held belief that used game retailers are screwing game publishers and developers out of millions upon millions of dollars annually. While this may be the case, there have been some that have made the argument that the game industry would be in worse shape without these retailers selling games at discount prices.

One such individual is Soren Johnson, a programmer on both the Civilization and Spore franchises. On his blog, Johnson spoke in the defense of GameStop saying..."

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CrAppleton3626d ago

Talk about controversy.. This is a sore spot for me.. I don't buy used games... and I do feel like I'm being screwed if I do.. So I'm not so sure I would side with retailers on this one....

bgrundman3626d ago

It all depends on what side of the fence you land... I prefer to buy mine, but I have been know to get a used game once in a while

Damphear3625d ago

i love peoples views on used games.

how many times have you bought a game off a buddy or at a garage sale if the game wasnt jackedup?

witch is most of you.

now please stfu about gamestop

Johnny Rotten3626d ago

The good thing about used games is you can find some good gems when you look hard enough. A couple months ago I found a used copy of Shadow of Colossus in mint shape for $9.

killyourfm3626d ago

The publishers who kick out DLC :-)